From a Black Person to Niggas: Why the Food-Service Industry Hates you.

Before I begin this letter, allow to me to first properly classify who and what niggas are for the purposes of this letter, and for those who may not be aware of their status or have failed to recognize how their behavior affiliates them with this flag.  Nigga(s): N, Adj: person (s) that are rude, … Continue reading

signal boost bird

Signal Boost: The Black Twitter Theory

**My apologies, but this post requires a little bit of a detour through physics. It’s been a while since I slept through Professor Oyedeji ‘s intro class, so please let me know if I’m wrong, if something is missing, or if you can add something to the analogy that makes it better:   The amplitude … Continue reading


A Sad Night in America

Normally I would begin one of these posts with what motivates me to write it. There is no need. The trial of George Zimmer for killing Trayvon Martin has pervaded the  media for  weeks. We watched as the State presented witness after witness. We heard the Zimmerman interview with Sean Hannity. Many, like myself, stood … Continue reading

George Zimmerman Trial Begins In Florida

Blackness on Trial

I have tried to keep myself as detached as possible  from the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case during the media circus of the trial. It affects me deeply, and it’s been tough to synthesize the basic facts of the case on an emotional level in order to really accept the legal proceedings. The basic facts … Continue reading


Rachel on the Stand: A Clash of Cultures

We all speak colloquially on occasion. It’s the nature of the English language. There are ways you speak when you are around friends your age. There is a way you speak when you are around your friend’s parents. Still another way you speak around your own parents. These modes of communication are always uniquely couched … Continue reading


A Black Woman’s Take on “Dark Girls”

This post comes to us via the generous contribution of a personal friend of the blog, Nina Gloster.* Nina is a Black woman, Spelman College graduate, and filmmaker. I was very excited to hear about the documentary that would be appearing on OWN, a network dedicated to entertaining, informing and inspiring people. Watching the documentary, … Continue reading


Waiting for Fisher . . . again.

The wait for the biggest case involving Affirmative Action in recent years is now over. Sort of. The case for which most people have been watching the United States Supreme Court, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, got a decision today. But it is not the decision most were expecting. It did not decide … Continue reading


Keeping Track

There are so many issues that reach the national consciousness that it’s hard to keep up with them some times. This is especially true when it comes to court cases and incidents involving African Americans. There is the initial furor over alleged acts of violence or racism. Minorities decry these situations and demand justice. But … Continue reading


Today in Racism: Paula Deen

I had been meaning to begin an ongoing series on the blog titled “Today in Racism.” I know that the core of our blog really was highlighting the subtle and not-so-subtle brands of racism that many of us minorities experience everyday. But the thought occurred to me to branch out beyond us blog-writer’s personal experiences … Continue reading


The True Implications of the “Down-low”

The impetus for this post is a personal theory of my own about this topic. I say this in the beginning because I want to make definitively clear that it is just a theory. The theory may be founded on what I think is common sense, and bolstered by statistics, but it remains theory at … Continue reading


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