The Office N*gga Moment (In Film)

I’m not a serious TV watcher. I really only watch whatever sports is on in the few hours I have a day outside of work and school. Since I don’t really keep up with shows, I love when I see good commercials, especially ones that I think have unintended (and funny) racial undertones.

Enter the AT&T Taco Party commercial, my favorite one out. This one is funny, but even more so if you pay attention to the racial elements. Our protagonist (who I name “Lamar”) becomes angry and exhibits what I believe to be a seriously under-studied phenomenon: The Office N*gga Moment. This is just like the classic N*gga Moment, except it is accompanied by passive aggressiveness rather than outright aggression or violence seen in the streets. Note how the relationship between ALL three Black characters disintegrates as soon as conflict is involved. It’s fictional and funny…but a good example. Don’t let the Office N*gga Moment happen to you. Here’s our (edited) version of the video.

2 Responses to “The Office N*gga Moment (In Film)”
  1. Lynn-Logue says:

    Yo you shoulda got how Eric gave Lamar the “Yea Nigga” look lol

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  1. […] by O.K. Kai on February 2, 2011 · Leave a Comment  As we saw  in OFFICE NIGGA MOMENT, sometimes being one of few black men in an office can create quite a hostile environment. […]

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