The Truth About “Diversity” (Pt 1 of 3)

I happen to be on my grad school department’s diversity committee as well as the minority recruitment team at my place of employment. When I was asked to do a diversity website review of other schools and departments to see if we could add something, I did a week-long search through both corporate and school diversity websites and literature…and what I found was all at once hilarious, depressing, and kind of angering. For the first segment of my exploration I focused on a similarity I saw of corporate and stock diversity images.

Note the above picture, now note this picture. 

Now note these pictures.

And just in case you’re tired of seeing bald happy guys, peep this fucking guy

Why the hell is he so happy?

Why is “bald and happy” the default for EVERY black guy up there? Why are the black guys in each photo the happiest? Are they just so excited that they can now attend diversity events with FOUR other black people? PROGRESS! Why where the super duper happy black guys in the last picture so strategically placed with white women? Dude in the blue looks like he won the damn lottery! So it appears the standard black guy is super-smiley and probably bald, but what if they can’t find that guy?

This pic looks pretty good right?

But wait…oh yeah

They could not find one fucking black guy in Toronto to put in their fun guide, so photoshopped in Eddie Murphy’s cousin there. And there’s more:

Top 10 WORST photoshop job out there. The black guy is more out of place than a black man at…..Iowa State University (oh yeah).

And for bonus:

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