28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Maino)

Bet you didn’t expect MAINO to show up in a post about Black History. This is a guy known for being a goon’s goon and generally being as anti-MLK as possible. Watch that video and tell me he didn’t make poor Jenks uncomfortable as all hell. I disagree with the man’s stupid violent methods, but he did succeed in bringing Jenks to “the hood” and present him with situations he never would have otherwise experienced. I refer to it as the Maino Method of Raising Cultural Awareness ®.

Don’t you guys wish you could use the Maino Method® when that guy in your class says why he doesn’t understand why there isn’t a White History Month? Shit would have INSTANT effect.

**note** we at 40A&C do not officially endorse the Maino Method® for Black History Month Instruction. Use of the Maino Method® may result in immediate dismissal, suspension, or position termination.**

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