28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Frederick Douglass)

Look at that guy and tell me he wouldn’t fuck your shit up…for freedom.

You guys probably all know the basic story we all got told: freed/escaped slave, abolitionist, orator with a lion’s mane. But what they didn’t mention is that Frederick Douglass (who I refer to in reverence as Douggie) was one of the baddest dudes to walk this planet. During the time when it was legal to arrest him and send him back into slavery (even in the North) with just the slightest provocation, he was known and feared physically by whites who claimed that he could fight like a trained boxer (Douggie had HANDS).

He walked around as a free black man and told white people essentially that they weren’t about shit. When a Boston mob shut down an abolitionist rally at which he was the keynote, he still spoke by fighting through a crowd intent on beating him and then speaking loud enough to be heard over a full riot while still fighting. He got daily death threats. Daily.

Pictured Just Before He Moonsaulted a Police Officer

After the Civil War and Emancipation he became the first African-American nominated for Vice President (bet you didn’t know that). At the tender age of 61 he was made a US Marshal and soon after he was the first African-American to receive a vote to become President of the US. He regularly made tours through the South and spoke even before members of the Klan in southern colleges….and was feared enough even in old age that he was not attacked. This is all after he married a white woman.

Essentially, Douggie makes Black Panthers look like Bryant Gumbel.


2 Responses to “28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Frederick Douglass)”
  1. J. Wall says:

    Vann…love what you and Dom are doing with this site (I just came back to my cubicle from the restroom and forgot to minimize the page….making the white ppl in my office who pass by UNCOMFORTABLE…happy black history month) This is a great post…I happen to be related to Douggie thru marriage…his first wife Ann Murray is my kin….yay Grand dad Douggie!

  2. 7haman says:

    douggie was no fuckin joke. haha.

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