All Black Guys Look Alike

Everyday, my girlfriend has a story about work.  It’s one of those jobs that comes with a lot of drama apparently. She consults with clients all day at her desk; a desk that has a picture of me sitting upon it.  The numerous white ladies that she works with have told her that I look like Ray J.

Now, this isn’t because they’re White. I don’t know why and I disagree, but women have told me I look like  Ray J; ever since adolescence. Which sucks, because I hate Ray J as much as I hate Soulja Boi.

But I digress.  What raised my girlfriend’s suspicion was when people started saying that I look like other celebrities… suddenly I look like Nas too.

And Nick Cannon.






And Timbaland.

And Denzel.

That shit is rude.  How the hell can one person look like all of those people? This may seem to be a novel, harmless story of unintentional office racism, but this is much more serious.  If someone of another race looks at me, and can think that I can look like anyone from Timbaland to Nick Cannon, then imagine their cognition when witness to a crime.

“The rapist was a black male, between the ages of 25 and 50, who may resemble Will Smith, Don Cheadel or Fat Man Scoop”.

Every black guy looks like whatever black guy was seen last.   So if some coworkers were watching Training Day on FX last night, you’ll suddenly start looking a little bit more like Denzel Washington when they come into work the next day.  Remember all the times that police have shot unarmed, innocent black men because they fit some vague description?  Yeah,  that’s that bullshit.

A sketch artist that clearly watches channel 7.


3 Responses to “All Black Guys Look Alike”
  1. fivefifths says:

    lmao #dead at the first pic

  2. ashley says:

    You forgot Kanye West and “some guy from a Tyler Perry play”

  3. Verile says:

    Not really their fault. For example, how confident are you at distinguishing Asians? I’m one myself but since I grew up in America outside Chinatown they all look the same to me.

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