28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Kanye West)

Ahh yes, Kanye West. Sure he is egotistical and sometimes a buffoon and sometimes he says and does things that make us want to trade him away in the racial draft. But then he makes MBDTF and we’re cool with him again. And this is a Black History month segment that has featured both Maino and Frederick Douglass so you can’t really be surprised.

Key is, Kanye is one of the ALL-TIME GREATS at making white people uncomfortable. Hell, he even gave us a benchmark white “I’m uncomfortable” face. Just look at Mike Myers.

Look at how stunningly uncomfortable he is. This is the face you see when you accidentally say “nigga” in public places. This is the face you see when you make a black joke that people weren’t ready for. This is the face when you say that you aren’t the black guy you just got mistaken for. Perfection.

I won’t even mention the Taylor Swift incident (yes I will), because sure he was an ass for going up there drunk and being a fool. But the racial undertones of the backlash made me less and less sympathetic to Taylor. He fucked up but they were treating it like he was a rapist or something. And she still wrote songs about his “evil actions” a year later, after he apologized. And let’s not forget she STILL won the award. Have a seat. As a parting shot, I give you:


Now we have our benchmark “I’m uncomfortable” faces. Good day.

2 Responses to “28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Kanye West)”
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  1. […] you can actually call the offender a “nigga.” This will usually be followed by the Mike Myers face we looked at before and COMPLETE attention on whatever you have to say. Any occasion we have to use this is a good […]

  2. […] so hard because they both gave me the two most obvious “I’m uncomfortable” Mike Myers faces ever. It delighted me Whaa…you […]

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