28 Black People that Make White People (and Reggie Miller) Uncomfortable (Charles Barkley)

I love Sir Charles. I’m pretty sure he’s drunk on-air about half the time, and he just clearly doesn’t give a shit. He is the king of making EVERYONE uncomfortable, but especially Ernie (the resident white guy). There’s plenty videos of him talking shit and cursing on air. The above is one of him saying “pussy.” Look at the reactions!

Here’s another of him calling his crew “assholes.” Now very closely Ernie’s face. The backstory to this one is great because the TNT crew actually has a lot of hidden messages and humor. This game was on 4/20, and the girls on film clearly ask if he prefers “Brunettes or Blunts” (and not Blondes) thus the confusion. And the humor. Turrible



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