Dudes & Bros

Everybody does rude shit sometimes. Intentionally and unintentionally. Obliviously and maliciously.  Communication among cultures can sometimes lead to a variety of different rude shit.

For example; when a Black person calls a White man “dude”.  I’m not talking about the few Black people that regularly say “dude”.  I’m talking about Black people who would never say “dude” to anyone else.  Do you know how many White people there are? Or how many cultures and countries they all come from?  I don’t have the statistics to back this up, but I’m under the impression that the majority of them don’t call each other “dude” on the daily.

But dudes call me bro…

Bro usually means two different things to dudes; that you’re Black or that you look like this guy

"Yeah bro"

And I don’t look like that guy.  And if you’re calling everyone in the room “dude” or “man”, but when I walk in, you’re all “wassup bro”, that’s lowkey racist.  But it happens all the time, and no one seems to care.   I’ve yet to see a White guy get offended when called “dude”, nor have I seen a Black guy get offended when called “bro”.  Well, except for when a fight was about to jump off anyway.


It’s called system justification.  It’s the tendency to legitimize existing social arrangements.   Just because people don’t openly object to these behaviors, doesn’t mean people don’t realize racial differences. As we progress as a human race, the rude shit that we do to each other will become more and more subtle.  As subtle as “dude” and “bro”.   People try to make arguments against race being partially defined by respective cultures.  I happen to think that the manner in which we communicate among cultures has social and psychological ramifications that equal, if not surpass, contributions from genetics…my nigga.


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