The Troll

Life as a Black man is hard enough as it is. I don’t need trolls making it harder. On many internet forums, blogs and video sites; the use of the word “troll” refers to a user that posts messages or comments that are meant to antagonize those who created or support the online media.  These are the people who will watch a video of a Black toddler dancing on Youtube and will say “enjoy it now, before that tar-baby grows up to assault your daughter” (I’ve seen it).  These are basically people who will hate on whatever you’re trying to share, disrespect you and your opinion, and distract whoever is trying to pay attention.

Trolls exist in the real world too.  They’re called “niggas”.

Every respectable Black man hates niggas to some degree.  We may light-heartedly call each other “nigga” sometimes, but trolls are the real niggas.   These real-world trolls don’t appear when you’re sharing something on the internet; they appear when you’re sharing something in the real world.  They troll what you represent. They troll what you have to say.  They troll your very existence.

they love it too.

I got trolled this week.  I was on the metro with some coworkers going to lunch.  One of my coworkers asked me what I did before I worked at my current job.  As I tell him about consulting work and  collegiate studies, I begin to hear Lil Wayne’s voice say “I got pussy comin to me! Shotgun in my drawers make yo woman bite the bullet!”.  I see my White coworkers looking around to determine the origin of these expletives, but I already know who the culprit is.  It’s a troll.

troll. as seen on the metro

There he was. The troll. Playing unedited music from his phone outloud on the train.  Oh and by the way,  he’s sitting right next to an Indian family with school-age children….  I try to ignore the music and continue with my story, but all I can hear is Lil Wayne and Birdman yelling over me with this troll wearing the creme de la creme from Citi Trends and A&J Wright.  To make matters worse; a crackhead, who had been asleep, suddenly woke up and started going HAM to the song that the other troll was blasting from his Metro PCS phone.

Now I’ve got two trolls destructing my moment of proof .

a “moment of proof” is when a Black person gains an opportunity to legitimize him or herself; to prove that he or she is not a reinforcement of stereotypes (e.g. a coworker asking about my vocational and collegiate experience).

Trolls are hard to beat. Do you think my coworkers remembered the research that I told them I did in college? Or do you think they more so remembered a Black guy dressed like Shawty Lo , blasting Lil Wayne and Birdman unedited into the ears of little children while a crackhead busts a move?  I posit the latter.

That’s why trolls are so hard to beat.  They’re like viruses that feed off of ignorance, stupidity and generalizations.  That is why you can’t give in to the troll.  You can’t be the one that loses his cool or the guy that says, “don’t let this tie fool you son”, because then… the troll has won.

8 Responses to “The Troll”
  1. xtina says:

    so am I a troll when i pull up in my car with gucci blasting at maximum volume? lmao cuz i sure am guilty of that…

    • O.K. Kai says:

      Only if you obstruct moments of proof. There’s a time & place for everything. Trolls know that, but they just don’t give a shit. Like the troll who I saw smoking weed in a clear glass elevator.

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