The Date Auction


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and some of you may see an influx of romantically themed events around your city or school.  One such event is the Date Auction.  This event involves people offering money to organizations or causes for the opportunity to go on a date with a specific person.  It’s one of the few situations where that sort of transaction is legal (unless you live in Las Vegas).

Anyway, I saw one of my friends post a date auction event on Facebook and the News Feed displayed the people who were attending.  The guest list was very diverse.  I’m completely cool with interracial dating (don’t crucify me), but there are a couple of interracial dates that I cannot condone for an auction.  That is to say, White people bidding on Black people…

Nope. Can’t happen people. I won’t let it stand damnit.  Anyone seen Roots? or Amistad?  Or taken U.S. History?  Or been Black? I don’t care if  Trevor is really in to Latisha; that dude better not bid. In 2011, we cannot have a anything that resembles this

Hell no.  That’s all I thought about when I looked at the guest list for that auction; a White guy saying, “$40 for Kizzy!… I mean Latisha”.

So if you’re going to partake in a date auction, make sure the scene doesn’t look like a flashback to 1750.


Happy Valentine’s Day


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