Happy White History Year!

Black History Month, we hardly knew ye. Perhaps it’s because you’re the shortest month of the year. Perhaps it’s because some people purposefully “celebrate” it in the whole wrong month.

Is "underprivileged" the new euphemism for Black?

Regardless, in our celebration of our rich history stuffed into an action-packed 28 days highlighted by McDonald’s commercials, Oscar snubs, and countless elementary school projects about Martin Luther King, here’s a few things you may have missed:

1. Little Known Black History Facts~A great site for discovering all the lesser known pioneers in Black History. From the first person to claim other kids on their taxes to the first person to convert to Islam in prison, this site has it all. Amazing historical read.

2. This video:

Yeah, watch it again.

3. THIS handy guide for teachers telling them what month Black History Month is every year.

4. And finally one of my favorite sites that I’ve come across recently, Check out the “Black Future” posts. Good spin on the concept of Black History. Great profiles of young up-and-comers in Black America. Peep game.

As we move on to celebrate White History Year, don’t be depressed. Hell, now we don’t have to put up with all our office buddies mentioning how much they LOVE Martin Luther King every time Black History Month is mentioned. Win! But seriously, don’t forget that Black History is being made every day. We even have a Black Tea Party Presidential hopeful (wow). Marinate on that, and keep laughing.


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