Stereotypes always come from a little bit of truth right?  Maybe, but it seems that the truth can be stretched a bit.  As I’ve interacted with people of different races, I’ve noticed that many stereotypes are some bullshit.

They say that Black people can dance. We’re supposed to be the most dancing-ass people in the world.  But every year, when America’s Best Dance Crew commercials come on, who do you see?


They say Black people like chicken and watermelon.  Chicken is a sensitive topic for me.  I love chicken, but it’s also a dumbass stereotype, so I’m torn.  It’s absolutely ridiculous, because every White-people picnic I’ve been to had chicken; and at least half of them had watermelon.

LOL! Look at these niggas!

What happens when I Google search “nigga”?  I get this guy

whose alias refers to the fact that his friends think that he “sings like a Black guy from Jamaica”.

Stereotypes are often full of lies. They try to make it seem as if only one demographic acts a particular way. Yes,  the percentage of incarcerated Black people is higher than that of White people;  but that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the actual number of crimes that White people commit (feel me?).

But stereotypes are resilient.  The president can be as Black as you want; that won’t change the fact that you’re still more likely to get pulled over than any one else.  And if you have an adult and professional conversation with some White people, this may still be their Black guy impression.


It's like that





5 Responses to “Stereotypical”
  1. Jones says:

    I’m from Australia. Why do black Americans *even care* if people think they like chicken & watermelons?

    It’s like “ooh, they like something”.

    So what, most people like those foods. They are not bad things for you (well, maybe too much fried chicken would be bad), so it isn’t like saying blacks are obsessed with cigarettes or gambling etc.

    The “issue” is just black Americans being *self-conscious*. Just eat whatever.

  2. Coach says:

    We care because it’s lumping us all into one category link sheep with no individual tastes. Some black people might like chicken and/or watermelon. Some might not. For people to assume that you do means you’re not smart enough or can’t think for your self. Whether they feel that way on a shallow level or it’s something from their subconscious, that’s a problem.

    We are not just Lemmings walking off a cliff into pool of chicken and watermelon.

    I’m sure if someone said ALL Australians CRAVE Bloomin Onions, it’s a part of their nature to crave Bloomin Onions, an Australian who doesn’t crave it would have a problem with that.

    We should have a problem with someone thinking they know us like cause they’ve observed us once or twice like a creature on Animal Planet. It’s stupid.

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