Black Flight?


You may be familiar with the term, White flight.  It’s when Whites move away from an urban area that has an increasing minority population.  Many of the hoods we see today used to be teeming with White people running at 5am and walking their dogs and shit.  It all started after World War II, when there was a housing shortage in the urban areas (with all the Black folk) and a housing boom in the suburbs.  And it was just in time to use the interstate highway, which was brand-spankin’ new at the time.  So the White folk dipped.

I think they call it White flight because it suggests an element of fear (like the fight or flight response).  You know, because minorities are so scary.  Or maybe it’s in reference to how, once the White people leave, the urban areas go into to a frightful state.  That really has nothing to do with the behavior of minorities; as evidenced by the East Atlanta Lake Foundation (they gave hood niggas nice places to live, then crime went down and section 8 turned into Beverly Hills).  City planners build the hood around Black people.  No one in the hood petitioned for 5 liquor stores in a 1 mile radius.

"eh...I wanna compare my options"

But a change is afoot.

Census data has recently revealed a trend that some are calling Black flight.  The New York Times stated that

“the percentage of the nation’s black population living in the South has hit its highest point in half a century… as younger and more educated black residents move out of declining cities in the Northeast and Midwest in search of better opportunities.

The Black population grew by 11% in the large counties and increased by 15% in the smaller, suburban counties of the same metropolitan areas.   Not only that, but 25% of the Blacks who moved had a college degree; as opposed to the Black national average of 16%.  Killing the game. Not to mention that the majority of those suburban areas were mostly White, which means, there ain’t no stopping us now. When White flight first happened, Black people literally couldn’t live in the newly developed suburbs. And now we’re expanding and getting money in the south? Oh, the beautiful irony.

I posted this because I’m legitimately looking forward to the social shifts that will occur in the future.  Black people are taking over the suburbs, Black education rates are rising and a White president seems weird to me.  We’re on a steady (and long)  path to social equality, but until we reach it, I need you to be careful out there in those suburbs.

"This is my house! I have degrees!"

2 Responses to “Black Flight?”
  1. L.A. says:

    Thanks for the little bit about the East Lake Foundation… would have never known about such a great story without this blog.

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