We Can’t Be Racist

Some people say, “Black people can’t be racist”, which is totally understandable if racism is defined as a policy or system that is based upon or fostering a discriminatory doctrine.  Racial discrimination by governments, corporations, religions, educational institutions and other organizations have the power to adversely influence our lives.  However, you and I both know that Black people be racist.

Okay, maybe not racist.  Let’s try brazen cultural insensitivity.  Yeah, that’s better.   And yes, I know everybody is “racist” to some degree, but Black people follow different rules.  Black people are free to be culturally insensitive in entertainment. For the world to see.


I mean, where do I start.  White Chicks, that’s where I’ll start.  I personally hate the movie White Chicks, but apparently people think it’s funny enough to quote (“Oh! You wanna talk about mommas huh?!”). It’s a movie about two Black FBI agents that have to go under cover as two White women. And it’s called White Chicks.  What if there were a movie coming out called Black Girls, starring the Olsen twins.  I mean, I’d probably see it, but all hell would break loose.  That sort of cultural insensitivity cannot be tolerated…. by White folk.


There is no better example than Chappelle’s Show.  Dave Chappelle gave us 3 seasons of hilarious and insightful racial commentary.  And he did it with no fear.

"This just in: I give no fucks"

But could you imagine if a White comedian put on blackface and made fun of Black people every week on basic cable?  The show would either get buried under a mountain of shame, or get picked up by Fox News.


Since the advent of crack music, White girls have become the most cited outgroup demographic in rap music.  Cocaine can be referred to as white girl; consequently, many crack rappers have referrerd to Caucasian females in their drug-laced lyrics.

In fact, White girls can’t get a break.  Plies took one of the few White names left, and turned it into a slang term for fellatio; “Becky”.  Which is the type of thing you can witness often in current rap.

And a few white girls, asses flat as sh*t
But the head so good, damn a nigga glad he hit

-Kanye West


I recently happened upon a new song by Shawty Lo called “Pocahontas”.  It’s about a stripper that looks like she’s half Native American and makes it rain … clever.


Pictured: Pocahontas

Pictured: Also Pocahontas


But you know the rain-dance reference and the Pocahontas mention wasn’t enough –  the song incorporates Native American tribal drums too.  A strip club song.  By Shawty Lo.

It kinda reminds me of Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money”.  They couldn’t stop at the use of the term “Arab money”, they had to incorporate lines from the Quran too.

That shit is a problem.  You see, White people’s guilt and fear are what give Black people the ability to publicly make fun of them and refer to them in whatever manner they like.  That, and the fact that Black people have to deal with negative portrayals in the media 24/7.  It’s like an uneven trade-off, which African-Americans are quite familiar with.

White people can be racist in the media too, but when its as blatant as the previous examples, they usually get repremaned in some kind of way.


"Are you saying 'Nappy-Headed Ho' is offensive?"

Black people have been and are victims of various forms of constant discrimination and racism.  I have no qualms with them poking fun at the majority once in a while.  Disagree if you want, but I say we deserve it.

But please, leave the minorities alone.  Native American, Arab or otherwise.


"Give me a break dude"


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