“The Blacks” and Me

Damn….I guess he really does have a good relationship with “the blacks.” Good for him. Really only posting this for The Root article about his recent stupid statements and how he may have cost himself the black vote. Check the excerpt:

While African Americans still support Obama at an 85 percent clip, contrary to popular belief, black America can roll with a lot of the criticism about the president’s leadership. But once Trump started arguing that Obama wasn’t American, whatever goodwill he had in blackworld up and vanished.

If Trump is even wondering, here’s why his passport to black America is probably cancelled:

“The Blacks”

It’s 2011. It’s perfectly respectable to refer to African Americans as “black people,” “the black community” and maybe even “black folks” — if you can carry it off. But “the blacks?” No.

Check the full article here:

Oh yeah:



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