The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Thickwitness

:::note: Yeah I’ve been loafing on the blogroll entries. Term paper+work deadlines. I’m trying to do three today so we can catch up.:::



Category: Writing/Music/Arts

Description: This blog is pretty difficult to describe here. It’s pretty eclectic in terms of source matter, but most of what I’ve seen evolves around universal Black culture, writing, art and music. Pretty much, it’s way more “hip” than we could ever hope to be here at 40 Acres. There are haikus dedicated to Biggie, profiles of exciting new artists and musicians, and of course there is throughout it all the celebration of Black women (hint: we here at 40 Acres love girls with hips, but I digress)

Why We Love It: I was really sucked in by the brilliant Black Future Month series. Really, brilliant. A turn on Black History Month, it looked at up-and-comers who will be a part of the future of Black America. I thought it was pretty clever. It was from February but the posts are easy to find. One per day. Awesome.

Our Favorite Post: Black Future Month-2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys. A piece on a group poised to tackle the future of Black men. Give it a look


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