The Best Blogroll in the Universe: The Perfect Square



Category: Writing/Journalism/Music

Description: In its own words: “The Perfect Square provides news, discussion and interactive social analysis born from the actual, lived, experiences of young, Black Americans. Our content is focused on a comprehensive approach to culture, entertainment, news, politics, and education.” Honestly, if you want to learn how to put together a profile to monetize your site, go to the media kit page here and check it out. (Doing this now).  But really, if you want to check one of the most well-written and sophisticated blogs about Black culture, politics, music, and whatever else seems to cross Mr. Ramsey’s mind, go here. You won’t be disappointed.

Why We Love It: We’re gonna do a bit of promotion here. A major part of The Perfect Square is the “Making of a Masters Project,” an initiative to send the primary author, Donovan Ramsey, to the Columbia School of Journalism. He’s embarking on the ambitious mission to raise $10,000 to cover the necessary expenses. After reading his writing, it’s pretty clear we need black writers like him getting published out there. But don’t take my word for it. Go and read some of the stuff and tell me it’s not major publication-quality already. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Favorite Post: Drake’s Career is Gone…So Far? This is a great piece. While I personally liked **Thank Me Later**, this post explores what Mr. Ramsey sees as the downfall of Drake even before his first album could even be fully digested.

2 Responses to “The Best Blogroll in the Universe: The Perfect Square”
  1. Donovan says:

    It’s Thank Me Later that sucked.

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