The Obama Conspiracy

Odds are, you’ve been keeping up with the so-called “birther debate” surrounding speculation about Barack Obama’s birthplace. If you haven’t, come out from under your rock and check this out:

And the birthers aren’t some fringe element of a few crazy folks. Recent polls show almost half of all Republicans believe that Mr. President was born outside of the US. And I’m calling bullshit on each and every one of them. The crux of their argument is that they believe he somehow forged his document and faked his birth in some mastermind scheme to become President. Several issues are in play with that, many of which involve the fact that he pretty-much had to be plotting this since birth for it to work. So people would rather believe that Obama was a mastermind baby who schemed his way into the Ivy League and into the White House? Or that his parents somehow plotted this out? What the hell is this, Salt? Even less far-out conspiracies involve one thing that simply doesn’t make sense; Obama had to have advance knowledge of him becoming President. Ludicrous.

The plan is working, mother

Well Obama finally capitulated to the demands of the birthers and released his birth certificate today. And I think it was totally the wrong move. Already, people like Trump are calling him out on other things, like somehow calling him a subpar student and asking to see his transcripts. Like @DomPerinyon said: eventually they’re gonna ask for an instagram of Barack sliding out of the womb with a Foursquare check-in and timestamp. Nothing will be good enough.

Let’s call this bullshit out for what it really is. It’s not a Republican vs Democrat thing, necessarily. It’s racism. Pure and simple.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters were birthers long before Trump came on the scene. The folks of lighter complexion in this country as a whole are still uncomfortable with a black man leading this country. Presidents and presidential candidates with far sketchier backgrounds and grades (McCain and Bush II, respectively) had almost no scrutiny into their pasts. There have been draft dodgers and criminals who were president, yet it’s Obama, with a stellar string of academic achievements and a story that is the embodiment of the American dream, that is dragged down by this. He receives levels of disrespect that would be unthinkable with other presidents. I don’t like using the race card, but does anyone have any other reasons for all of this besides the fact that he is black?

There are people who would claim that racism doesn’t exist here anymore. There are people who have argued that same point vehemently in the comments section of this blog. However, things like this, where his nationality and intelligence are questioned for no reason, and the fact that he is the first non-white President are not merely coincidental, uncorrelated phenomena. Perhaps the outright racism, white sheets, Jim Crow, and calling people Niggers is fading (although it is not dead, especially concerning the fringe & Obama), but the more dangerous and subtle racism is probably as strong as before. It’s stemmed in fear; fear that the will of the majority will be supplanted or challenged by the voice of The Other. It’s the fear of losing power to those who have been ruled and have never ruled for hundreds of years. The fact that it seems to be so ubiquitous today may actually be a good thing because it signals that the threat may be increasing. Perhaps that is the true nature of the “Obama Conspiracy.” If so, I say carry on.


5 Responses to “The Obama Conspiracy”
  1. drhiphop85 says:

    First, dope blog…I appreciate you much more scholarly direction when it comes to issues of race. You aren’t all “kill whitey” but actually discuss the nuances of racial issues and you aren’t afraid to bring Black Americans to task as well…

    Second, I have to agree with you. While I’m not sure if in history Pres. Obama is the most persecuted. I definitely think he’s under much more scrutiny from the right than Bush II or McCain (they did try and kick Clinton out for getting head…that will never sit right with me) and it has to do with him not only representing something new racially but also socially. While he isn’t liberal enough for me, in American politics he’s about as liberal as Jimmy Carter and he’s young. So he represents the younger generation of voters, which is a threat to the established order.

    You get a chance check out my blog:

  2. ofpopularrhetoric says:

    I agree with you, but in terms of Hilary and Trump, I’m not certain that it’s just racism at work. I genuinely think Hilary is jealous that Obama “took her place” (although I’m really not her biggest fan, I hope to see a woman in office sometime in my lifetime). Obama was absolutely the better candidate, but she’s the kind of woman to use smear tactics to attempt to make herself look better (and fail). As for Trump, he truly has no grounds to be making the claims that he is. The only reason he’s taken the least bit seriously is because he’s got just so many resources available to him. Other than that, he’s a cartoon character; the bid for president is a publicity stunt, probably to get people to notice him again so he can put out another darn reality show.

    But still, I’m baffled at the lack of common sense shown by people. Just because someone in a supposed position of power makes a claim does not mean it’s true. Don’t they realize he had to show his birth certificate a hundred times before he was elected to any office? He’s an incredibly intelligent man who went to law school; he wouldn’t have run if he was not born in the US.

    It’s racism, but there’s also jealousy, attention-seeking, and general lack of common sense that’s at work here.

    Cheers, OPR

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