The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Little-Known Black History Facts


Category: Humor/Black History

Description: Yeah we all know that Obama is the first Black President and that Ralph Bunche was the first Black person to win a Nobel Prize (we do all know that, right?), but has anyone ever wondered who the first Black person was who stole TVs during the LA riots? Maybe not, but this blog has the answers. A subtle lampooning of Black culture, this blog outlines a number of fictionalized Black “firsts” that will surely have you in tears. It’s funny and smart.

Why We Love It: There’s enough material here to read in the bits of office downtime for weeks, even though it seems to only be updated around Black History Month. Great and consistent execution of an idea. Also, the pictures are amazingly funny and fitting.

Our Favorite Post:LATHON WEATHERS:  First to say ‘fuck bitches,’ then proceed to get money.” Doesn’t this say it all?


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