Why Fear Us?

As a Black man, I’ve lived life knowing that I am part of the most threatening and most feared demographic in America.  I know that White women will cross the street when I walk down the sidewalk.  I know that guys of other races will futilely attempt to fight me to prove their masculinity.  I know that the cops will think that I’m about to beat someone’s ass, just because I’m running.

“Take him down! Take him down!”

And those are just a few things I’ve experienced personally as a Black man.  Have you ever seen What Would You Do?: Racism in America ?  Well if you haven’t, you need to watch it. Today.  Or if you don’t want to watch a 6-minute video, I will briefly explain:

They had three teenage, White actors vandalize a prop car in a public park.  Then they had three Black, teenage actors do the exact same thing.  Only ONE person called the police on the White kids, but the whole damn park called 911 on the brothas.  The White folk even called the police when some witnessed the Black actors asleep in a car on the other side of the park.

That means that a Black man is more likely to get the cops called on him when he’s asleep than a White man when he’s vandalizing a car.  I rest my damn case.

I understand how this fear has come to be.  White people knew, from the moment they first saw an African guy, that they would be royaly fucked if they didn’t try to take us down a notch.  I mean, think about it.  White people stumble into Africa and see midnight-black  people, looking better than the midnight sky itself.   Running fast as hell, nostrils inhaling more air than a Caucasoid ever could.  People flossin’ gold and diamonds, beautiful Black women walking around with no shame of their blessings.


Not only that, but Black men are naturally strong as shit (we’re all just toning it down for the rest of you).

So the White folk got to hatin’.   They were threatened by EVERYTHING about us.  But we were chillin.  Even the worst-off African wasn’t living as bad as a White dude in the Europe.  I mean, Europe was wack way back in the day.  Famine,  crappy weather, disease, rocks, a whole bunch of stuff.  It turned them into hardened international criminals; infuriated by their lack of resources and jealous of the luxury status that all the people of color seemed to have.

“Haters gon’ Hate”

So they went to Africa, the Carribean, the Pacific Islands, Oceania…. EVERYWHERE!  And for thousands of years, a campaign of  genocide, exploitation and cultural destruction spread throughout the world.

But through the power of media, propaganda and brain-washing, it’s the Black man that ends up with a bad wrap.  It is the outcome of wide-spread sadism and pernicious imperialism.  Even as Black people in America made strides towards racial equality; the Black man was continuously stigmatized as a libidinous, volatile, violent and stupid buck.

"Man, that's some ol' bull sh..."

“Man, that’s some ol’ bull sh…”

How the hell did everyone forget all this stuff that White people have done.  Like:

  • Rape all the women in a tribe (that’s like your whole neighborhood) and kill all the men.
  • Rape all the women in a tribe (that’s like your whole neighborhood) and enslave all the men.
  • Rape all the women in a tribe (that’s like your whole neighborhood) and then spread Old Testament-scale diseases. Killing damn near everybody.
  • Rape all the women in a tribe (that’s like your whole damn neighborhood) and then steal all your stuff.
Or how about institutionalized racism or the cops that shoot unarmed Black men and hardly get a slap on the wrist?    How the hell did everyone forget all the lynchings?!  There were little White kids eating corn-on-the-cob while watching people die right in front of them!  That’s scary.  Like, horror-movie scary.  All of these heinous crimes against the whole damn world and the White man gets stigmatized with good credit and bad dance skills.

“It’s a hard-knock life!”

So this “Black men are dangerous” perception is a bunch of malarkey.
A lot of people walk around acting like the truth doesn’t exist.  We, here at 40 Acres and a Cubicle, are here to deliver a veracious slap to faces of said people.  And if you’re rubbing the side of the your face right now, feel free to turn the other cheek.

Fear that.


5 Responses to “Why Fear Us?”
  1. Megan says:

    This piece was perfectly written. I think it is so incredible how all of us know how poorly the African American’s were treated in our history, and even though we don’t have the violence we did in the past, our actions and reactions are just as harsh and hurtful. That story about “What would you do?” just boggled my mind. To think that the same crime was being commited and the ones vandalizing with colored skin were the ones getting in trouble just doesn’t make sense. It is sad to see that all this still goes on in this world. Not only for African Americans being discriminated, but every race in general. We all need to step up and understand that we are all human. We all are made up of the same matter, we all need the same things to survive, so I don’t see why we still feel the need to discriminate. Thank You for sharing.

  2. lasprott says:

    Awesome post. That episode of WWYD pissed me off, but this one made me absolutely SICK. They help the chick STEAL the damn bike. But wait, according to historical experience they probably thought that she just “discovered” the bike like Columbus discovered America.

  3. sam smith says:

    This country is totally depraved to the core now. white America has not & will not apologize for slavery. They want everybody to remember the holocaust. That was a bad thing too but not like slavery which went on for over 250 years & its trail is still evident in Latin America as well. God in heaven is not pleased with the USA & its geneocide against the black folks, native Americans & other folks of color.

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