Conscious White People

I went to the the coffee shop yesterday to splurge on a $5 cup of Joe.  When I got my venti soy caffe latte (no foam), I sat down near two White people.  As I sipped my over-caffeinated concoction, I could hear the conversation they were having.  The White guy was telling his homegirl about his night in jail.  When she asked him about the kind of people that were in the holding cell, he responded

“It was crazy man, they were like, ALL Black”

Get Out Of Town.

The White woman nodded her head and said, “Just like in TV”.  But the White dude went on to say,

“It was kinda crazy because, they were in there for tiny stuff. Like, expired licenses and shit.  Same stuff that I get warnings for all of the time”

The woman asked, “Why would they get arrested for the same stuff?”.  To which he replied,

“Cops don’t really like Black people.  And they’re kind of an easy target”.

Yes.  That’s what the hell I’m talking about.  You have got to love it when the White person is down with the truth.  It’s good to know that we don’t have to do all the work. It’s an uphill battle trying to make people recognize the racism and social injustices of today and the past. So it’s great to see moments of White consciousness.

"Wait a sec... why was the prison sentence for crack possession worse than that of cocaine?"....

Like the international conference on slavery and universities that was held at Emory University for example. More than 30 schools were represented to address the fact that they had owned and benefited from slaves. Like, school-owned slaves.

Did their slaves have to wear this?

But they didn’t just sulk and apologize for slavery. They got scholars and researchers together to develop proposals that address equity and historical research that addresses the impact of slavery. Can I give these guys a gold star?

I don’t want a pity party for plight. That’s how you end up with people like Ms. Morello from Everybody Hates Chris, so “tolerant” that it’s offensive.

"Were you a victim of police brutality?" "No...I was in a car accident"

But it is important to have the conscious White people around because otherwise, points get missed.

People look at Black prison rates and forget about the fact the White dude from earlier got slapped on the wrist for the same shit Black dudes had been arrested for.

People look at Black graduation rates without looking the dismal state of many public education systems in Black communities.

Peep game. Black people have higher rates of hypertension, which is exacerbated by sodium retention. But in order for slaves to make it through the hellish Middle Passage they had to be predisposed to retain electrolytes. Electrolytes whose primary ion is sodium.

EVERYTHING is connected.

So, shout out to the conscious White people for making those connections easier for your fellow caucasoids to understand.


Conscious White Guy (on the topic of the Nez Perce Native American tribe)

3 Responses to “Conscious White People”
  1. The Filmsmith says:

    We’re doing what we can.

    I didn’t see another way to contact you, but there’s some stuff in X-Men: First Class (just came out today) that might deserve your ire. An excerpt from my review:

    “Oh, and if you happen to be a minority, prepare for disappointment. The only black character (and the only mutant, save for a bad one) gets killed half-way through the picture just so we know what’s at stake. “Quick Professor X, they killed our token black guy, now we’re really pissed!” At least he wasn’t the only other minority in the film – he could have been the mixed race girl who strips for a living and sides with the bad guys.”

    You can read the whole thing here:

    If you guys are looking for film critics aware of class and racial politics you might be interested in our site.

    • O.K. Kai says:

      LOL! Thanks for the heads up. I just saw that movie too. I didn’t know Hollywood was still doing the Black-guy-always-dies thing.

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