Why I’m Moving to Canada

I’m sorry guys…I’ve had it with the United States. I just can’t do it any more. I put up with commercials with Black folks pop-locking with chicken and ads telling us to wash the Black away. I’ve put up with so many other slights and racist things but this one thing has finally forced my hand and now I’m moving to Canada.

What is it that has me in such a state? This:

What in the blue fuck? What you just watched is an actual political ad paid for by Turn Right USA, an ultracon PAC. Now where do I begin? I could start with my initial reaction as to how stupid and racist this is (and how they use Black rappers as a representation of people involved who were almost all not black). I could also say a few words on how stupid it is and how Republicans have a history of using images of minorities to inspire fear and hatred among voters:

This is what all undocumented immigrants look like to whites

The racism factor floors me and simply blows me away. I’ve said it before, but it seems as if between these ads and all of the super-racist ads about Obama, the political and social landscape has shifted to where open racism is almost cool and P.C. again. Hell, look at the comments to the youtube video. Most of them are supportive (and sickeningly racist. Don’t read them if you have to work with white folks today). But mostly, this video hurts me the most because (A) it’s not a terribly inaccurate portrayal of current rap videos (just ask Wacka Flocka what I’m talking bout), and (B) black folks willingly participated in it.

These niggas

How can I even seriously attack the ad? The comments on the video ring terribly true. This is considered “honest artistic expression” when in genuine rap videos. Both are bankrolled by white backers with agendas to make more money. What’s the real difference? At this point I have no clue.

Honestly I’m just tired, so I decided I might as well try a new country. This time tomorrow I’m following the North Star and leaving this country behind. Canada may not be the land of milk & honey and may not be better than the U.S. at all, but at least I can try.


3 Responses to “Why I’m Moving to Canada”
  1. Alyse says:

    i agree with you. this video was so disturbing and set me at emotional unrest concerning the direction of our country. you’d think we wouldn’t be slipping back into time but after all history does repeat itself. I’m just hoping that in 20 yrs we aren’t back in chains and on the auction block.

  2. Jay says:

    All I can say is wow..yet another great post.

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