Letters from a Travelling Negro Part I

In my never-ending search to find out the perspectives of Black folks everywhere, I managed to swindle the federal government out of $12,000 and take a month-long trip to five countries in Europe. It wasn’t easy getting that much money from some woman named Sallie Mae (I guess she is some worker who does personal loans or something), but I managed it. This post is but a brief introduction into what will follow. I shall be retelling some of my experiences while in these European countries and relating interesting anecdotes and observations of my time here.

Fear not, readers. You will be happy to know that Black Americans don’t have the market cornered on oppression, poverty or violence. I have seen all that and more during my time here in Europe. I am slightly beyond the half-way point of my time here, with two more stops: one in Geneva, Switzerland, and then a brief stay in Madrid, Spain. I shall try to post before the end of this month, but honestly, I’m spending all of my time in cafes and bars talking to colored folk and getting their perspectives on being Black in Europe. Actually, I’m spending a lot of time drinking and partying but here and there I spoke to some folks.

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