BlackWhite Handshake

We’ve done posts in the past about the handshake dilemma between Black and White people. When Black people and White people introduce themselves to each other in the office, everyone pretty much sticks to the standard handshake (unless you work for some phone app development company where dudes where ironic t-shirts and everyone wears knitted hats all year. In which case, you can stick to the standard high five). But casual and social encounters between the two parties can result in a catastrophic collision of cultural courtesies.

First it be like…


Then it be like…


But Bert Weiss from The Bert Show has collaborated with his brother from another color to develop a hand shake with improved racial compatibility.

(that video was awkward)

Simple, I know. Start with a normal dap, then close it out with a normal handshake. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? The best thing about the Ebony & Ivory handshake is that you can force somebody into it. If some White dude throws out the dap-hand like, “Hey bro,” us Black guys can humor it. But then you lock it down with the handshake and

"What just happened?"

White dude won’t know what hit him.

They’ll be happy with the resounding clap you guys made with your oh-so-cool dap (just not the same with a handshake), and we’ll just be happy with successfully avoiding another WTF moment. Then we can get to what’s important: learning about each other and having fun.

"You so crazy!"

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  1. this is actually gonna be really helpful

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