“Actually, I Prefer Punk Rock”

I love hip-hop. It defined my youth and was the music that helped guide me into developing my own identity in the world. I’m a verified “hip-hop head” and I study the past and present of the art form like someone is paying me for it. That said, I really hate when people assume that it’s all I listen to. So I tend to have a little bit of fun with folks when they do make such assumptions.

So as most of you know, last Thursday we celebrated Tupac’s birthday. All day I was listening to my favorite Tupac tunes on my iPhone, but as I took my headphones off to walk into the office I thought I still had them on. I walked past the law offices that my suite shares space with and heard one of the lawyers listening (loudly) to the unedited version of “Ambitionz Az a Ridah.” I walked quickly to my office and shut the door, although my inner coon was telling me to dance and rap along.

C-walk nigga! C-Walk!

So I thought I had averted the crisis. I turned on my inoffensive jazz Pandora station and went to work. However, when I got up an hour later to use the bathroom, the lawyer and an intern were together chatting and asked me as I walked by, “Hey do you know today is Tupac’s birthday?” My answer was “That’s the guy who died right? No I don’t really listen to rap music like that. Actually, I prefer punk rock.” Inside I was laughing so hard because they both gave me the two most obvious “I’m uncomfortable” Mike Myers faces ever. It delighted me

Whaa...you don't...like....rap?

Then I rubbed it in a bit more by asking what type of hip-hop they thought I should listen to or that I would like. Their recommendations: Tupac, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Flo-Rida, and Eminem.

I have failed at life if I've ever given anyone the impression that I would like Flo-Rida's music

Now I am happy with myself. Especially now that I come in and get to say things like “I really like that Jay-Z fellow. Jigga what!” Crazy thing is…now that we have created a musical connection (ha), I have been putting them on to bands like The Flaming Lips and Little Dragon and the Black Kids. Crazy how it works huh? Take that, stereotypes.

Stereotypes: 12564234
Me: 1

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