That’s So Ghetto! (Pt. II)

That’s So Ghetto!

Most of the managers were out of the office on Monday for a training conference, so the coworkers threw a party (naturally). Nothing out of control, we just told everybody to grab food and meet in the conference room to watch YouTube videos during lunch. We made a grocery list and everyone was assigned an item. My coworker, Emily, walked up and told me that she couldn’t find cinnamon rolls at the grocery store across the street. She explained,

“This area is really nice, most of the stuff they have at that Kroger [grocery store] is healthy.  We have to go to the ghetto Kroger if we want cinnamon buns”

Just like that.

And it offended the shit out of me. Let me expatiate.
The Kroger near my job, where the state university is located, looks like this

Four miles away, where the historically Black colleges and universities are located, the Kroger looks like this

The latter happens to be near where I live.  So basically, Emily was telling me, “Hey, these White folk are living good, let’s go to your developing neighborhood and see what kind of crap Black people have access to”, and she had no idea.

I told her to figure something else out and I kept it moving. I didn’t have the energy (and I doubt that I ever will) to contest Emily’s word choice again.

The “party” later that day went well, and all memory of White folk saying “ghetto” were in the past. That is, until I went home and watched Masterchef.

On Masterchef (I’m a fan) there are 3 judges; the angry dude (Gordon Ramsay), the fat, jolly dude (Graham Elliot) and the snobby dude (Joe Bastianich). The episode I watched included a coffee competition, and one of the competitors mixed instant espresso with whipped cream (stealing it). Joe Bastianich, owner of more than 30 top-notch wineries and restaurants, and the boujiest judge on the show, tasted the coffe concotion and said,

"That is so ghetto-delicious"

(See for yourself)

And then, Graham Elliot says,

“It’s just like Kool-Aid”

C’mon son.

The crazy thing is that, Black people somehow manage to not use the word “ghetto” at all.  Honestly, we say it about as often as “oh snap”. And it’s not like White people took the term and made into something different.  When White people say “ghetto”, they mean “hood shit”.  There have been a few times when I stopped myself from using a “White trash” reference in fear of offending my paler audience, and White people are just running around calling everything “ghetto”.  That shit is out of pocket.

Seriously White folk, calling everything “ghetto” doesn’t make you cool and it sure as hell ain’t an appropriate adjective for the workplace.  Exhibit some cooth and common sense, because this “Ghetto” nonsense…. we don’t like it.

                                “And then that White woman called it ….ghetto”                                                                   “Say whah?”        “Oh my word”               “Oh Hell no…”                                         


2 Responses to “That’s So Ghetto! (Pt. II)”
  1. SuperGuest says:

    ……….Smh Emily

  2. Tamea Stover says:

    GOOD READ!!!!

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