Casey Anthony = OJ?

Before we get started, the answer is “no.”

Now that we got that out of the way, I recently had a pretty interesting conversation with my fellow intern. You know, the one that walked in on me eating chicken and dancing that one time. Yeah, that one. We spent most of the day in meetings together, and aside from an attempt to “black it up” for me by texting me that she was waiting for me “chillin in da lobby,” and multiple glances in my direction whenever minorities were mentioned, we were off to a pretty race-neutral day. But it all changed when we walked by a TV playing coverage from some bullshit about Casey Anthony. I think they were hacking records to find her whereabouts or some bullshit that beige folks love doing to create news when there is clearly more important stuff going on:

The price of white privilege

I walked by, barely even paying attention to it. I honestly don’t care about the case anymore. She won. Legally, she’s not guilty and can’t be found guilty of the crime again. As such, legally we are all obligated to afford her the rights generally given to non-murderers and such. That’s life, deal with it folks. I mean at least that’s what all of the folks say when people like Johannes Mehserle walk free. But then after I walked by I say the other intern look up from the screen and I could sense that she was about to make a grave error. She looked at me and said “well you guys got OJ, so I guess it’s even.”


Although I am legally barred as a black man from admitting that OJ did actually do it in front of white people, I can understand that the circumstances of the cases were similar. Both prosecutions seemed to have an easy case based on common sense, but lost because of no clear-cut evidence and proof that either were guilty. But the deeper implications were not similar at all.

As much as the public was outraged by both cases, it appears that neither could actually muster concrete proof that either defendent actually, you know, committed the crime in question. While it seems pretty common sensical that they did, the courts are built to protect people who may be innocent from extraordinary circumstances that do defy common sense and may take their freedom away unjustly. In theory the courts tend toward Type II error, where in gray areas, defendents should be more likely to be falsely classified as not guilty than guilty. That’s due process. And that’s exactly what Casey got. It’s also exactly what white people get and black people are denied every single damn day.

He'll probably STILL spend more time in prison at some point than her

OJ wasn’t a landmark case just because we are all still kind of convinced he did it. It was a landmark because it was maybe the first time that a black man got away with the kind of bullshit white folks have been getting away with for centuries. You could get the death penalty just for being black in the wrong place for most of our history. You could get the death penalty for looking at people the wrong way. OJ’s case was significant for us because it was the first time we had ever seen a case of a Black man held to the same scrutiny and standards as most white folks. Revolutionary. Casey Anthony…not so much. She just got the treatment that most people expect when they enter the justice system. So sorry, this is not the one case that “makes it even,” stop comparing. And that’s that. Namaste

White People: Winning for 400 years and counting

8 Responses to “Casey Anthony = OJ?”
  1. jonolan says:

    Damn! You’re one whiny buck, aren’t you? The average Black in America gets far more and better than they deserve by their actions but you just can’t stop asking for more or blaming Americans for the Blacks’ problems.

    I think – well, hope – that you’ll find there’s another difference between Casey and OJ. We police own and will probably find her and kill her since the law failed. That’s something Blacks have never been willing to do and why the bulk of you live in crime-ridden squalor.

    • fivefifths says:

      the bulk of us live in crime-ridden squalor? I mean I guess 2011 is the year to make up false stats, but sure, we’ll go with it. Hope you enjoy the blog!

      • jonolan says:

        Hmmm…Let me see.

        Approx 26% of Blacks lived in official poverty, (note: that caps at $ 25,603 for 2 adults w/ 3 three or more children. Above that and they’re not officially in poverty.) and a lot more are poor though not listed as such.

        58% of Blacks live in urban areas.

        Poverty + Urban living = crime, lots of it usually, irrespective of race or culture but the Blacks are the ones predominantly in the situation.

        You do have some failings in this though.

        You don’t get out. Worse, you turn against those of you who do, whereas poor Whites tend to try to get out of the bad areas or, at least, get their kids out.

        You also side with- and tacitly condone your bad elements, normalizing their behavior within your culture instead of vilifying and removing them – one way or another – as Whites tend to do.

  2. Illogical says:

    trolls are no fun

  3. fivefifths says:

    living in “urban” areas doesn’t say much about a sociological choice to live in squalor. Most people in Japan live in urban areas as well. And I assume you haven’t ever been to a trailer park and seen generations of the same white people living there and NOT getting out or even making real strides towards doing so. Hopelessness pervades many poor environments in all races and leads to self-destructive behavior and attitudes.

    Fact is, the capital system in the US is built to stack the deck against social mobility, and while this is the case for ALL poor people, it is especially the case for Blacks and other minorities because of clearly documented existing prejudices and racism. Compound this by the fact that blacks started out being entirely within the bounds of poverty with absolutely no wealth or assets just 150 years ago and some of our achievements are simply astonishing. Given that about 50% of Blacks are now homeowners (meaning they have real assets now and are NOT impoverished or in “squalor” as you so claim), it seems that the myth about Blacks “not wanting” to move up or achieve can be debunked right now.Not absolving us of personal accountability, because everyone has that burden and certainly there are failings (as there are with all races), but your stats simply have no bearing. Quite simply, in 2011, it still takes an extraordinarily dumb person to fail when given white privilege and an extraordinarily gifted and driven person to succeed when being Black and poor.

    • jonolan says:

      No, I’ve seen the trailer trash, am thankful they’re a minority, and keep them as far away from me and mine as I can. They’re trash and belong in those parks.

      As for the rest of your statement – since I utterly and totally disagree with it, insofar as the tired claims of “stacked decks” and racism are concerned, there’s no point in continuing the discussion.

      As for the home ownership part though – how is that relevant? Blacks have had similar home ownership percentages for some time with no noticeable effect?

      Indeed, through only little fault of their own, owning a home is likely a bad thing for many Blacks because it’s a burden instead of an asset.

  4. SirCoach says:

    Keep speakin truth fivefiths. Regardless of what this clown thinks, that’s exactly what it is. Truth. #Respect

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