Wangsta Party?

Tupac ain't die for this shit man

I feel like I really can’t go a day without some silly racist bullshit crossing my timeline/stream/feed/Google Reader. But I guess that’s good because it gives me something to write about, right?

So the most recent incident was a news report I sawabout a Black student at Red Wing High School in Minnesota filing a class action lawsuit against her school for apparently implicitly condoning and allowing certain members of the student body to hold a “Wigger Days” every year going back to at least 2008. Every news item I see mentions that “Wigger” is defined as “a pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms, language and fashions associated with African-American culture,” but let’s be clear here. Wigger literally means “white nigger.” Don’t sugar coat it.

And they said you can't ever give BLACK people nothing

Look, there has been a long and storied history of White folks imitating offensive and hollow Black stereotypes in this country. As I see it, the “Wigger” phenomenon isn’t much different than blackface. “Hey guys, let’s all have fun by dressing up like how we think Black people look! Let’s dress like Flo-Rida!” Right. It’s gotten so bad that universities have to routinely put out notices before Halloween that it’s not cool, but still end up having multiple “Gangsta Parties” and such. It’s really ridiculous and ignorant. And racist.

And not in the funny way, like this

Honestly, I’m kind of through with it. There isn’t a space in our society for stupid shit like this. While I think the young girl’s claims in the lawsuit of emotional distress and such are probably wildly overstated, these type of things really do cause at least a nagging sense of annoyance to Black folks. When a Black dude dresses “preppy” or such he is reviled by both sides as trying to “act white” or whatever. When White people dress as Wiggers, it’s “funny” and “cute.” And while usually I sit and laugh at the people who decide they want to make themselves look foolish for fun, it still does anger me a bit. I’ve accidentally walked into some Wangsta Parties (that I was invited to!) and walked out quickly, with one impression on my mind.

“Is this really how they think we act?”

Bruh, is that FUBU??? Nobody even wears that anymore!

So stop the Wigger days and Welfare Mama Parties and Wangsta shit. We get it. Black people are funny. Ha.

Just know that when me and my people come through your “hood” during one of your parties wearing white sheets and burning down your stuff, we’re just joking. No offense. Don’t be so sensitive.

The wiggers took our jobs!

2 Responses to “Wangsta Party?”
  1. its pretty true though, funny post but the underlying theme is that its just not cool!!

  2. loser says:

    I totally understand where youre coming from. Im black but I grew up around mostly white people. As a result, I talk in a blend of rapper/average white dude w/ a little bit of counrty mixed in. I get sooo much shit for talking, acting or dressing “white”, whatever the hell that means. And it always bothered me that white people like the ones in the pictures u showed dont get the same kind of shit. Basically white people can be whoever they want but if ur not saggin ur pants or wearing jordans everyday (who the hell has money for that shit anyways?), ur not black. I think thats stupid.

    BTW that pic of carl had me dying lol

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