The Witching Hour

All images in the post courtesy of @Dez_D

First of all, I wanna say thanks to @Dez_D for these amazing images of the March for Troy Davis Friday. It seems there was a solid turnout and people were really invested in and informed about the Troy Davis Case. I’d like to think that we played some small, if minuscule, role in informing people about the case and what the options to protest the impending execution were. You all made a difference. You spread the word. You petitioned. The ranks of the NAACP swelled, and you marched. It was simply amazing watching support bubble over and seeing people become informed and then rightfully angry. The march was some sort of fruition of that anger, awareness, and the efforts of several organizers, community leaders, writers, students, and concerned citizens.

The encouraging thing is that we actually got people out, on a Friday evening nonetheless, to protest something we actually believe in. News outlets and leaders can only willfully ignore the case now with all the noise that has been made. The disheartening thing is that the Georgia Board of Pardons voted today to deny Mr. Davis clemency. At this point there are very few options left, save if a stay were issued by the Chatham County DA, Larry Chisolm or if the Board of Pardons reconsidered. It appears we are at the end of the rope with regards to the case. Personally, I can say that I feel a great deal of frustration with the proceedings of the entire case, which I have been keeping up with for a few years. It has been bothering me personally all day, and I can only imagine what is going through the minds of all the people involved, from the family of Mr Davis, who must be racked with anguish and exhaustion, to the members of the MacPhail family (the police officer that Mr. Davis is convicted of killing), who are being forced to try and decide on an issue of much grief that has broken families before, and who have unfortunately, but perhaps emotionally understandably, spoken out against clemency. I feel frustrated now because I have been taught of so many successes of activism in our community and been drilled that we can do almost anything if we unite on an unjust issue and just show why it is so unjust. But what happens when you do stir the dormant discontent within people and actually make your cause known and appeal for justice….and fail?

Hopefully, that question can be postponed for another day though. I, for one, am not prepared to admit defeat on this. We have one last option, and although it is a hail mary, I have faith that if the over 1300 people who read the first post on Troy can try it, then we can at least sow the seeds of doubt within the hearts and minds of those who have the power to change this. So what can we do?

  1. Call Larry Chisolm’s office at 9126527308. I haven’t been able to get through yet, but it’s an avenue.
  2. Sign the NAACP’s petition to reach Larry Chisolm at It’s a last ditch attempt to reach the DA’s office and get them to do something…anything.

I’m not sure that we can do anything more, really. But I’m just not ready to let this one go. We can’t always protest every wrong, but we can try and do what’s right where we can.  And we can always keep in mind that his last execution date was stayed just two hours before the time and after he had already eaten his last meal. There is still hope as long as there is time, so I urge you to continue to spread the word and try to reach the DA. At the very least, even if Troy Davis is executed, then we will have spread the word about the injustice. Georgia won’t be able to ignore it and act as if it acted completely fairly. The country won’t be able to ignore it. The world won’t.

We are Troy Davis.

One Response to “The Witching Hour”
  1. Danielle Coley says:

    Don’t lost hope.The night is always darkest before the dawn, so continue praying for this man. And just as you said, even in the event that this dreaded event comes into fruition, at least you know you played your part in trying to stir it otherwise. Peace and blessings!

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