Take the Race Card Back

Let’s get this out of the way first. Ann Coulter looks like a horse.

More specifically, Ann Coulter looks like Mr Ed

Quick Draw McGraw will have his own show soon

Her face is longer than Kim K’s marriage. But I digress.

Earlier this week, Ms. Coulter set off a bit of a firestorm earlier this week when she claimed that claims of sexual harassment against Herman Cain were “high-tech lynching” and that “our [Conservative] Blacks are so much better than their [Liberal] blacks.” She then later defended her comments saying that “The only racism you hear in America is against conservative blacks.” Rush Limbaugh got in on the action later, saying that the real racists were liberals and decried the use of stereotypes used to attack Cain.What the fuck just happened here? Did I just really see news reports about Ann Coulter, the woman who defends the Council of Conservative Citizens (oh…the CCC…clever), an organization that was considered too racist to even be part of the Conservative PAC, call someone racist? This is the same woman who said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes and should take their “magic carpets” if they ever wanted to fly somewhere. This is the same woman who actively promotes race-based discrimination in private institutions and universities. Did I miss something? And then Rush Limbaugh had the nerve to call someone racist? Lord, I need a moment to lie down.

I’m glad my great-grandma isn’t around to see how things have absolutely gone to shit in the past few years. Just the tenor of her remarks about “our blacks” and “their blacks” stink of slavery and of an ownership of Black people. News flash, you didn’t buy Black folks off the street and train them harder than the ones Democrats bought. We made our own decisions to be where we are and for all his faults, Herman Cain seems to be a fairly self-determined man. This isn’t fucking Pokemon.

You can find anything on Google Image Search. That's really Squirtle as a slave.

Look, I don’t think Liberals and the Democratic party care too very deeply about Black folks either, and they have their racist moments as well, but where have we gotten to in 2011 where essentially white pundits on both sides are having fights over whose negroes are better? We’ve got people who could never seriously claim to care more about Black people than as fodder for inflammatory rants and jokes calling other people racists. The very people who have derided people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for overusing the race card are now using it themselves. And the best part is that Blacks as a whole have been largely absent from the argument itself. Cain hasn’t said much about it at all.

Regardless of the fact that these comments represent more of an attention grab than (hopefully) a legitimate trend, I think we’ve got to be more assertive in identifying racism and making racists look stupid. We’ve been beating over the head by people like Coulter and Limbaugh into thinking that we use the race card too much and then end up being silent when they do the very same thing. We’ve got to take the race card back. We made it through about a decade where it was ultra un-PC to even sound a little racist or insensitive and now the needle has swung as far as possible the other way. I say we need to get back to making people uncomfortable again.

Or at least call bullshit when people try to use race like this.

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