What’s up guys. I’ve been loafing on the posts here lately. Grad school plus work has been a serious drain on free time. But I’ve got like 10 posts in the pipe so to speak that I really want to get out, so be on the lookout for new stuff in the next week, including something I’ve really been interested in, the Occupy Movement.

I know Occupy Wall St and similar movements started a while ago, and for the subject matter we tend to cover on this blog, would have been obvious targets for posts. But honestly, I didn’t know much about the movement itself and didn’t feel comfortable commenting right away. I live in Chapel Hill around a bunch of white folks who enjoy jogging and hot yoga and gluten-free diets. This is pretty much a haven for the so-called 1%. There’s a few kids in tents who protest out on Franklin St, but I see them drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks and eating Coldstone like everyday. The protest against a single Bank of America branch. Not exactly a revolution.

But now there’s a fairly mature movement and it looks to be a legitimate shaper of policy and culture. I’ve done some studying and now feel up to snuff enough to get out my thoughts. I’ve also reached out to some folks who are much more in the know to ask what they think about OWS and similar protests. What we’ve come up with is the 40 Acres: Occupied! series of posts where everyday until we feel like stopping we’ll give some take on an aspect of the Occupy Movement or a related subject. My first post is coming later today, other’s tomorrow. Be ready.



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