What’s up guys! I know we’ve been gone for a while, but I was too busy celebrating Kwanzaa to really post much. Just kidding, but I have really been working to come up with ideas to expand the site a little. There are a lot of places I think we can go with what 40 Acres is, and I look to be expanding the site and the team in the very near future. There will also be a site redesign in the works, because I’m a little tired of how cluttered things are here, so I know you are. We’ve been trying to increase collaboration, but it’s really time to make a push towards that end. Thus we’ll be monetizing soon, and will work out a system for collaborators to make dough from all of their individual page revenues. There’s also a pretty big project in the works, so if you know anyone that has something to write about or share photos or whatever content they think a group of readers such as yourself might enjoy seeing, let us know at 40acresandacubicle@gmail.com.

That said, 2011 was a crazy year for everyone. We’ve almost been around for a whole year now (sheesh) and a lot has happened in that year. From the unfortunate and tragic case of Troy Davis to the hardest year of Obama’s first term to the rise and fall of Herman Cain, this has been a wild year to be a Black person in the US. And the  thing is, I think things will get a lot crazier in the upcoming year. 2011 was just the set up for what will be the most contentious and uneasy year we’ve had race and class-wise since the Riots. Yeah. A few things I think we should all be on the lookout for in 2012:

1. The Republican Primary

Let’s get started here. Tonight we start the first official events of the 2012 Presidential Electoral cycle with the Iowa caucuses. And we’ll see possibly the most batshit crazy, outright bigoted candidates since the Civil Rights era. All of the candidates are making naked attacks on minorities and people of lower socioeconomic status in their efforts to kill the “welfare state,” with Ron Paul’s newsletters and Rick Santorum’s recent comments that he didn’t want to “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” I think it says a lot about how society has actually regressed now that in addition to Santorum, a man who still unapologetically owns Niggerhead ranch, a man who once called all the Black men in DC “criminals,” and a woman who signed a pledge declaring that Black children were better off as slaves are all contenders to be the President of the ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY. These people manage to make Mitt Romney look absolutely fair and sound of mind in comparison, which is exactly why I think he won’t get the nod.

2. The Presidential Election

If you think folks are turning up the racism dial now, just wait until the general election. This one is gonna get ugly, and expect full-scale outright and outrageous attacks on Obama’s race and minorities as a whole as November approaches. It’s gonna be way worse than 2008. Should give us a lot of content, but I think slowly but surely, race relations are degrading as America seeks a scapegoat for the various societal maladies and the economic woes that beset her. As we emerge from our acute Islamophobia we’ll revert back to the group that has historically been used for such purposes. Blacks.

3. The Year of the Black Quarterback

This may seem like an odd declaration given that there are only 2 good starting QBs in the NFL that are Black, and only 4 who start overall, but I think we’ll see a revolution at the QB position this year. With Cam Newton poised to win the Offensive ROY handily and coming off of one of the five greatest rookie seasons in history, Mike Vick having a stellar late-season surge, and Robert Griffin III being discussed as maybe a first overall pick, this is going to be a great year for Black quarterbacks. All of the criticisms traditionally levied against Black quarterbacks may not go away as quick, but with Black QBs being so dominant on the college scene (count how many BCS bowl games featured a Black quarterback), it will only be a matter of time before we see things change.

4. The Wealth Gap and The Gender Gap

I think this will be the defining factor of American domestic politics for the next few years. The gap between rich and poor is ridiculous, and somehow the reaction from a good deal of wealthy folks has been to attack the poor for being poor and “lazy.” The Occupy Wall St Movement was only but the first salvo in a brewing class war that will only intensify if the economy does not rebound in a hurry. Of course these issues affect Blacks more heavily than others, given the lack of social, cultural, policy, and physical infrastructure that often besets Blacks, especially poor Blacks. Musings from rich white folks about what they would do if they were poor and black aside, if things do not improve, in 20 years we’ll be talking about this time being when we lost an entire generation of Black boys. And this certainly doesn’t bode well for Black women and Black relationships, and the gender imbalance will soon reach a crisis point.

There’s more, but we’ll get into it later. It looks like a busy year, and as such, a fine year to be a blogger. We’ll stay on top of it, and we hope to make the site better and more entertaining in the future. Assuming the world doesn’t end this December (sidenote: if it does, I’m throwing a pretty epic party…invitations forthcoming), I hope we’ll be in the same position to give an outlook on 2013 a year from now. Honor those resolutions, work off all the break weight, settle down back into the 9-5 routine, tell a friend about 40 Acres and a Cubicle, read it yourself and laugh a little. You need it. It’ll keep us all from going Don Cheadle Time in a year that is sure to be full of tests and weird happenings.


3 Responses to “2012”
  1. Mel says:

    I can’t wait to see where you take 40 Acres! Thanks for being a great source of knowledge and entertainment!

    ps: I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice how many black QBs there was in these past Bowl games. Is hockey the only sport that doesn’t have any sort of black presence?

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