No Love From The Club

I went out with some friends last weekend.  We went to a club called Hole In The Wall, a cool spot with cheap drinks, beer pong, billiards and a dance floor.  The crowd is usually diverse, and it was New Year’s weekend, so the night was bound to be popping.  We used to go to Hole in the Wall a couple of years ago when we felt like partying with white people.  Then word got out, and now the crowd is about 60% Black on the weekends.  Not much has changed, people still party to dance music, sing Don’t Stop Believing off key and play beer pong with no regard for personal health, it’s just Blacker.  Or so I thought.

I had lost at beer pong and needed to drown my sorrows at the bar.  As I chatted with friends, I realized that the dance floor was nearly empty but the club was full.  I only say “nearly empty” because there were about six White people out there doing their thing.

Holdin it down

The DJ was playing a lot of dance music, Michael Jackson and nostalgic rock tunes.  I like Journey as much as the next guy but, when I looked at the crowd, I realized that this DJ was clearly not playing to his audience.  I witnessed two women go up to the DJ booth to request a song on separate occasions.  I couldn’t decipher what the DJ said to them (Katy Perry was at full volume) but I did see him exhibit a regretful countenance and shake his head.  Minutes later, one of my homegirls came up to me and said, “I wonder if I should ask the DJ to play Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay“.  I said “Good luck” and told her about the denials I had witnessed earlier.  She decided to try anyway and walked across the dance floor to the DJ booth.   Sure enough, my homey came up short.  She walked back to me and said

“The DJ told me that the manager told him to not play hip hop anymore”

"Um.... can I play Flo Rida?"

After all of the money that we’ve spent at Hole In The Wall over the years, they throw us under the bus.  It’s not like Black people showed up and acted a fool, nothing had changed.  When nearly all of the club’s patrons were white, they played rap music all of the time.  Now that Black people are in the establishment, they want to act brand new.  For a good year or so, people partied and played drinking games in a way that would have been the makings of Martin Luther King’s drunk, lucid dream.  No matter the race, gender or ethnicity, it seemed as if Hole in the Wall could cater to anyone.  We should have known this would happen.  Any time large groups of Black people amass in a single location, somebody decides to shut shit down and take rights away (as a citizen and as customers).

This type of social life injustice occurs in many places.  You can play Ke$ha, but not Kanye West.  You can expose everyone to the second-hand smoke of cigarettes, just not Black & Milds (specifically Black & Milds).  You can wear beanies, just no fitted caps.  You can wear t-shirts, just not white t-shirts.

"Son, it's a v-neck though"

Yes, I know white people listen to Kanye, smoke Black & Milds and wear fitted caps and white Ts as well.  But if you don’t think this shit is suspect, you’re probably oblivious enough to think that racism doesn’t exist anymore.

I get it, many white people think we cause a ruckus wherever we go.  That’s how a Black kid is more likely to get the cops called on him while he’s asleep, than a white kid while he’s blatantly vandalizing a vehicle.  It’s understandable though, right? I mean, look at how we act around a pair of Jordans.  When the  Jordan 11 Retro Concords came out right before Christmas, niggas got into fist fights and people got pepper sprayed.  All over my twitter feed I saw people talking about “Ignorant black folk” this and “#niggas” that.  But when there were white folk acted a fool up in Wal Mart on Black Friday, not a stigma was thrown.

"Please sir... I need more L.L. Bean"

So all of these unnecessary restrictions on my people and their good times are unwarranted.  It’s racist b.s. that I can no longer stand for. Black do know how to act.  I’m used to dealing with subtle racism in the workplace, but I will not allow it to hinder my hamtime.  Hole in the Wall will probably be seeing less of me.

Keep your eyes open this weekend people.  And call it like you see it.

Or there won’t be Marvin Gaye or chardonnay for anybody.


2 Responses to “No Love From The Club”
  1. MorehouseGiantPsi says:

    In ’02 my Sophmore year at Morehouse we discovered The Hole in the Wall and for 3 years after that was the only batch of Black People in the place and it was GREAT. Kid Rock was the bartender and we spent thousands of dollars in the place(we probably payed for their remodeling). We started even going on Wednesday for Beer Pong tournaments and Thursday night drink specials. Then word got out in ’05 and it became a 50/50 split and everyone seemed to still be having fun, but you could tell that managment was growing wary of the color change. I’m actually shocked that it took this long for them to try and switch it back.

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