The Train

Since today is Hump Day and in light of the recent news of the sad passing of Don Cornelius (now officially ruled a suicide), I wanted to do something  a little different for today’s #BlackExcellenceMonth post. I had another 1000 word post in the works but I figured today I’d just give you some of my favorite Soul Train videos and let you guys enjoy. Soul Train was one of the most important shows on TV, and pretty much all of the “grown folks music” you listen to was played on that stage. You want Black Excellence? Think about Marvin Gaye serenading the crowd in a plaid bellbottom suit or MJ first doing the robot. So just watch and enjoy some today.

In memoriam Don C. Your glorious afro shall be remembered.

Really… have to be having a good day after watching that last one.

I didn’t want to editorialize, but we really need some better awareness for mental illness in our community folks. Suicide rates in black men are skyrocketing, and as long as we continue to treat suicide as a “white” thing and continue to dismiss mental health (as we often dismiss other facets of our health), things will only get worse. Pretty sure these words won’t lead to any actionable items, but if you have any organizations dedicated to the cause, you have a friend in 40 Acres. Enjoy the videos!

Be excellent.


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