The Legendary Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey


Her’s a quick post to give you guys notice that there’s a new American Hero.

His name is Charles Ramsey, and he is the man responsible for the rescue of three Ohio women, including Amanda Berry, who have been missing for at least 10 years. Also, there was a six year-old kid involved who authorities think is hers. I’m pretty sure that’s going to get him in heaven and will make him a national hero. And he deserves it. Because he is awesome. Just look at his retelling of the story of how he rescued the women:

This man deserves all the McDonald’s and ribs he can eat. I think I’m with this guy because I can totally understand his thought process. It’s how any Black guy would assess a situation. Any time a White woman runs into a Black man’s arms in fear (especially a Black guy who looks like Uncle Charles Ramsey) must be in some real deep trouble. Check out this interview too. He brings the whole hood to celebrate with him.

I know some folks are saying Mr Ramsey is not “really” a hero, but in all seriousness he broke up what appeared to be a ring of sex slavery and ended over a decade of living in fear for multiple seriously damaged women. Also, there was a kid brought up in this who may not have known anything beyond the walls of that home of captivity. For those women to have been in that position for so long, many people probably had to have been in Mr Ramsey’s position and ignored the signs. He did something uncommon, and stopped some really awful shit. So, we should congratulate him for…..for being fucking awesome. Now, let’s all go get some ribs and celebrate.


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