Today in Racism: Paula Deen

I had been meaning to begin an ongoing series on the blog titled “Today in Racism.” I know that the core of our blog really was highlighting the subtle and not-so-subtle brands of racism that many of us minorities experience everyday. But the thought occurred to me to branch out beyond us blog-writer’s personal experiences into the greater world and highlight some stories that may have slipped through the cracks. Well, for the first entry in this series, we profile one Paula Deen, whose fall from grace may have taken its first stumble today.

Well it seems Madame Deen has stepped in it now. News outlets are reporting that her restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, run by herself and her brother, is being sued . Her brother’s name is Bubba. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, one of the restaurant’s former employees is suing the place for 1.2 million dollars. The suit alleges that Bubba sexually harassed the employee, Lisa Jackson. It further alleges that Paula Deen herself used the N-word frequently. I know, we’re all shocked that an older Southern White woman used the word “nigger.”

From the looks of this photo, she’s good in my book.

Well in leaked snippets of the deposition she is giving in this case, Paula made some startling, or maybe not-so-startling, admissions. When asked if she had used the N-word in her restaurant she responded “Yes, of course.” She also admitted that she had told racist jokes about “Jewish people, Redneck, and Black folk.” It seems she is an equal opportunity offender. But you know what, all this talk about Paula Deen’s actual comments are just a frame for the real story here:


What follows are some of the best the Internet has to offer of some of Paula’s fictional dishes.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.59.11 PM

Clever use of Klan. Short. Effective. Evocative. One assumes that they’re referring to the creamy, white version of the dish.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.59.52 PM

Was it too soon for this one, yes. Is it funny as hell? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Fuck Yes.

and finally, the ne plus ultra of tweets on this trending topic:

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 3.00.49 PM

Strang fruit indeed. A question I have: Are pizza lynchables hanging Italians?

Black people have been known for making Lemonade out of lemons. Paula might be a butter-loving-racist and that’s terrible. Does she salt her dishes with the tears of fatherless Black children? Who knows. But the real takeaway here is how racism can no longer hide in the shadows. If you say some racist shit, in 2013 you’re gonna get called on it. Twitter will hear about it, and we will all know you’re a racist woman who cooks what looks like delicious food.

That was TODAY in Racism.

One Response to “Today in Racism: Paula Deen”
  1. superbombastik says:

    Love this site, but I gotta say that you are wrong on the Paula thing > you failed to point out that anything she’s said is being said Xs a 1000 in the black community. And, given the fact that other races in general are often much more openly racisist. Its just fun to pick on whitey cause he jumps farther and turns inside out to avoid being called racist.

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