Waiting for Fisher . . . again.

The wait for the biggest case involving Affirmative Action in recent years is now over. Sort of. The case for which most people have been watching the United States Supreme Court, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, got a decision today. But it is not the decision most were expecting. It did not decide … Continue reading

Keeping Track

There are so many issues that reach the national consciousness that it’s hard to keep up with them some times. This is especially true when it comes to court cases and incidents involving African Americans. There is the initial furor over alleged acts of violence or racism. Minorities decry these situations and demand justice. But … Continue reading

Today in Racism: Paula Deen

I had been meaning to begin an ongoing series on the blog titled “Today in Racism.” I know that the core of our blog really was highlighting the subtle and not-so-subtle brands of racism that many of us minorities experience everyday. But the thought occurred to me to branch out beyond us blog-writer’s personal experiences … Continue reading

Affirmative Action Now, Affirmative Action Tomorrow, and Affirmative Action FOREVER

I understand that many who read this blog are much like myself: Black and pursuing post-graduate education. We managed to graduate college, and, realizing that our opportunities would grow if we got more education, applied and got into a graduate program in some field. Without knowing for certain, however, many of us likely benefited from … Continue reading

Clarence Thomas is the Man.

Shocking title, I know. Just read. I often write on this blog based on my perspective as a Black male in law school. When it came time for me to make my choice of what law school to apply to, I naturally looked to one place: The US News and World Report Rankings. Any person … Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale

Social Media is a fundamental aspect of modern existence. It encompasses a range of services not only limited to Twitter and Facebook. It defines our generation more than any other phenomenon or technological development. But the Good Lord never saw fit to give Man the inspiration to invent something that a dumb nigga couldn’t mess up. This … Continue reading

Talk on “the Talk”

After the Trayvon Martin case came to national prominence, there was much discussion about the “Talk” that every Black boy gets from his mother or whomever that contains time-honored instructions to be successful as a young Black man and fly below the radar of majority stereotypes and racism. We talked about it here (proudly, may … Continue reading

Justice for Trayvon

In my opinion, there has been a disturbing trend in the discussion surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin. What began as a call for the arrest of the assailant, George Zimmerman, has now become what I fear to be a modern day lynch mob. The first rumblings of the case outside Florida painted the picture … Continue reading

Nobody is Racist

Welcome to “Post-Racial America” (and ya’ll thought February was wild). There was a time in The United States when a Black man’s life was considered less than that of a white man.  A time when a Black man could be humiliated and disrespected by whomever, whenever.  A time when Black men could be slaughtered like … Continue reading