Affirmative Action Now, Affirmative Action Tomorrow, and Affirmative Action FOREVER

I understand that many who read this blog are much like myself: Black and pursuing post-graduate education. We managed to graduate college, and, realizing that our opportunities would grow if we got more education, applied and got into a graduate program in some field. Without knowing for certain, however, many of us likely benefited from … Continue reading

Clarence Thomas is the Man.

Shocking title, I know. Just read. I often write on this blog based on my perspective as a Black male in law school. When it came time for me to make my choice of what law school to apply to, I naturally looked to one place: The US News and World Report Rankings. Any person … Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale

Social Media is a fundamental aspect of modern existence. It encompasses a range of services not only limited to Twitter and Facebook. It defines our generation more than any other phenomenon or technological development. But the Good Lord never saw fit to give Man the inspiration to invent something that a dumb nigga couldn’t mess up. This … Continue reading

Gabby Douglas: Golden Girl

Let the coronation of the 2012 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team begin. After an absolutely dominant showing in the team gymnastics events, yesterday the American women soared to nab team gold, the first for our country since the Magnificent Seven in 1996. All that separates us from fielding perhaps one of the greatest women’s gymnastics … Continue reading

Social Night Injustices

Here comes another well-deserved weekend. A time when the majority of us can find rest and relaxation in our lives. It may also be a time to go in, rage, go ham, turn up etc. This is when people of all races take to the streets in search of inebriation and cathartic music,  though social … Continue reading

Door-To-Door Racism

So if you’re wondering why my output on the blog has been so light lately (you probably aren’t), I’ve been trying to use this summer after finishing my Master’s as a time to gather myself and prepare everything financially for my big move to the big city to actually start my career. I tried to … Continue reading

The Bubble of Ignorance

We live a time when people can find validation and reinforcement with ease.  We have more autonomy over what we see and hear than ever before.  We can watch Game of Thrones or Ratchet Housewives of Wherever any time we want, instead of rearranging our schedules to get home by prime time.  Our radio stations … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Nets Feed the Post

If you didn’t know yet, the New Jersey Nets have become the Brooklyn Nets and are embarking upon a slight rebranding campaign based in hip-hop imagery and a sleek Black & White frills-free design template allegedly designed by the (minority) boss himself, Jay-Z. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. You got the home of hip-hop … Continue reading

Racism? Never Heard of It

Post-Racial America has put Black people in a precarious situation.  We have remained steadfast in our pursuit of equality and equity, and we have made incredible strides throughout this nation’s history.  As we  counter the affects of thousands of years of continued exploitation, degradation and oppression, we in turn agitate the narrow-minded members of the majority.  They use the … Continue reading

Dark Raving Mad

Being a Black man in America has always been scary.  The United States has used us as slaves and turned a blind eye to or advocated us being publicly slaughtered. The Federal Bureau  of Investigations has executed plots against our communities that sought to destroy our leaders and suppress rebellion. Law enforcement agencies have sicked dogs on us, disproportionately accosted us, used excessively violent force … Continue reading