Today in Racism: Paula Deen

I had been meaning to begin an ongoing series on the blog titled “Today in Racism.” I know that the core of our blog really was highlighting the subtle and not-so-subtle brands of racism that many of us minorities experience everyday. But the thought occurred to me to branch out beyond us blog-writer’s personal experiences … Continue reading

How Dare You Call Me Racist, N*gger

There aren’t many words in the English language that can incite as much pain and hate as the word “nigger. Almost every racial and ethnic group has a disparaging and offensive slur associated with them, but nigger  is easily the most notorious. The majority of White people in the United States called Black people niggers when slavery was cool. … Continue reading

Racism? Never Heard of It

Post-Racial America has put Black people in a precarious situation.  We have remained steadfast in our pursuit of equality and equity, and we have made incredible strides throughout this nation’s history.  As we  counter the affects of thousands of years of continued exploitation, degradation and oppression, we in turn agitate the narrow-minded members of the majority.  They use the … Continue reading

Race & Religion, a Rock & a Hard Place

Hello brothers and sisters.  I would like to thank you for your readership, support and interest in my posts.  I greatly appreciate your perspectives, beliefs and opinions. I love my people.  They are what motivate me to research, write and share.  I’ll gladly and respectfully debate any individual who contests statements that I make on … Continue reading

The People Downstairs

So I live in a pretty great place. Got a pretty sweet deal on it. I rent a condo that came pre-furnished with an awesome living room set (including a huge big screen TV), a bomb ass kitchen set (prestocked with wine and like 5 different kinds of syrup), and a pretty good setup overall. … Continue reading

Do The Math

“If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week? two weeks?” Raise your hand if you think this is an appropriate question for third graders. Raise your hand if you think this is an appropriate question for ANY school children. Well apparently teachers in a Gwinnett County, GA … Continue reading

Still a Nigga in a Suit

I was working on a Power Point presentation yesterday when a reminder popped up on my screen for a virtual meeting. The firm’s vice president (and fellow Black man), Mr. J.Thomas, would be in attendance and the entire research division was invited. I clicked on the reminder and a video feed of a conference room … Continue reading

I Was a Poor Black Kid

Well, not that poor. We lived in the hood, I saw some people shot and killed on my block and I had to eat spam and cheese sandwiches a lot as a kid but I’ve seen worse. Both of my parents were together and by the time we moved to the suburbs they both had … Continue reading

I Am Not A Slave

Staff meetings are always weird in my office.  My consulting team is very diverse, and everybody’s just trying their best to communicate with each other.  We all mediate racial, gender, political and generational differences while trying to figure out what holiday event we’re having  this year. During the closing minutes of last week’s meeting, we … Continue reading

Guest Blog~Alone at the Top?

**Editor’s Note** Our first guest blog was a hit, and we’re trying to keep it going (if interested hit us up As we continue to make progress on the site redesign and making it better for you, we still want to increase collaboration and our reach. Let us know of any good ideas for … Continue reading