The True Implications of the “Down-low”

The impetus for this post is a personal theory of my own about this topic. I say this in the beginning because I want to make definitively clear that it is just a theory. The theory may be founded on what I think is common sense, and bolstered by statistics, but it remains theory at … Continue reading

No Time for Excuses?

Yesterday, President Obama delivered what could prove to be a seminal speech at Morehouse College’s 2013 commencement ceremony. During the speech, which was considerably less “safe” than what I expected and what Mr. Obama has shown at other commencements, he touched on issues at the core of Black male identity and made some very personal … Continue reading

A Lynching In Central Park

Last night I watched a compelling documentary about 5 Black teens falsely accused, arrested, and convicted of a brutal assault and rape of a jogger in Central Park in the Spring of 1989. This documentary, entitled ‘The Central Park 5″ chronicles the unfortunate story of how these teens were arrested, prosecuted, and railroaded every step … Continue reading

Of Mice and Men

I killed a mouse today. I had been in a Cold War with my rodent adversary for close to two days, my attempts to trap without killing him failing against his superior awareness and agility; and when I say “superior awareness and agility” I’m really saying I truly believe the mouse could apparate like those … Continue reading

The Survival Guide Pt. 1: The Barbershop

I know my blog output has suffered recently, but having a job where I (now) have to write for a living and trying to write a book don’t leave a whole lot of time for blogging. I’ve learned a lot in my time since I moved up to DC and my first full-time job, and … Continue reading

The Franchise

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral argument in a pretty big case: Shelby County v. Holder. This case involves the Section 5 “preclearance” provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But to truly understand the case and its significance, you should know a bit of backgroun . . I … Continue reading

God Made a (Black) Farmer

  One of the most well-executed and highly-discussed commercials of Super Bowl Sunday was another turn in nostalgia-as-promotion as Dodge used a haunting speech by Paul Harvey over a series of moving images of farmers to advertise their Ram trucks. I thought it was pretty cool stuff, and coming from a family and part of … Continue reading

Be Excellent, it’s February!

Well folks, it’s officially Black History month, or rather, Black Excellence Month here at the blog. Last year, each day in February we profiled some member of the African American race who made us proud to be Black. From Jack Johnson to Jesse Owens, they were the people of our past or present who represent … Continue reading

Mo Cowan, Mo Problems

  The round, bespectacled face above is the face of history, although you might not know it. That’s the face of Mo Cowan, who is making history today after being appointed by another notable Black Politician, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to hold John Kerry’s vacant Senate spot. That makes him the second Black Senator in … Continue reading

The View from the Mountaintop

It would be cliché in the extreme and I couldn’t do it justice to try and write a retrospective of Dr. King’s life, work, and legacy. I don’t have the skill or the time to convey to the readers of this blog just how important that man’s works were. Whether you exalt him the way … Continue reading