40 Acres and a Cubicle

Writing is kind of like fishing in the middle of an ocean. When the fish are there, things go along, well…swimmingly. When the fish aren’t there, things quickly go to hell. You can go around and look for the fish, and certainly find some. But eventually the vastness of the ocean of your potential becomes … Continue reading

From a Black Person to Niggas: Why the Food-Service Industry Hates you.

Before I begin this letter, allow to me to first properly classify who and what niggas are for the purposes of this letter, and for those who may not be aware of their status or have failed to recognize how their behavior affiliates them with this flag.  Nigga(s): N, Adj: person (s) that are rude, … Continue reading

Keeping Track

There are so many issues that reach the national consciousness that it’s hard to keep up with them some times. This is especially true when it comes to court cases and incidents involving African Americans. There is the initial furor over alleged acts of violence or racism. Minorities decry these situations and demand justice. But … Continue reading

A Lynching In Central Park

Last night I watched a compelling documentary about 5 Black teens falsely accused, arrested, and convicted of a brutal assault and rape of a jogger in Central Park in the Spring of 1989. This documentary, entitled ‘The Central Park 5″ chronicles the unfortunate story of how these teens were arrested, prosecuted, and railroaded every step … Continue reading

Of Mice and Men

I killed a mouse today. I had been in a Cold War with my rodent adversary for close to two days, my attempts to trap without killing him failing against his superior awareness and agility; and when I say “superior awareness and agility” I’m really saying I truly believe the mouse could apparate like those … Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale

Social Media is a fundamental aspect of modern existence. It encompasses a range of services not only limited to Twitter and Facebook. It defines our generation more than any other phenomenon or technological development. But the Good Lord never saw fit to give Man the inspiration to invent something that a dumb nigga couldn’t mess up. This … Continue reading

The Bubble of Ignorance

We live a time when people can find validation and reinforcement with ease.  We have more autonomy over what we see and hear than ever before.  We can watch Game of Thrones or Ratchet Housewives of Wherever any time we want, instead of rearranging our schedules to get home by prime time.  Our radio stations … Continue reading

You Haven’t Seen The Color Purple?

My building had a fire drill yesterday.  We all had to evacuate the building and stand next to our respective work teams.  These two women, Chelsea and Rebecca, are “bffs”, so when we had to separate to go meet up with our teams, they were all dramatic, hugging and shit.  My coworker, Monica, who was standing next … Continue reading

Who Gets to Say “Nigga”

The perennial question. Black folk in this country guard the use of the word so vehemently, you would have thought it was bequeathed to them by some long lost ancestor. In many ways, it was. Scholars [wikipedia] tell us that the origin of the word is Portugese. Negar was the term used to describe African … Continue reading

The Man on the Elevator

A month ago, I was waiting for the elevator in the first floor lobby at work.  The entrance to the cafeteria is also on the first floor, so several people were walking towards the lobby with food in their hands.  Their was a tall, middle-aged, Black man among the crowd.  He was yelling across the … Continue reading