Borrowed Culture

There is a phenomenon that is sweeping the Interweb. It is seemingly inexplicable. No one knows why it becomes pervasive so quickly. But the evidence is right there for everyone to see. White people borrowing Black Culture. There is a level of coolness that comes from being that one White dude who can hit the … Continue reading

God Made a (Black) Farmer

  One of the most well-executed and highly-discussed commercials of Super Bowl Sunday was another turn in nostalgia-as-promotion as Dodge used a haunting speech by Paul Harvey over a series of moving images of farmers to advertise their Ram trucks. I thought it was pretty cool stuff, and coming from a family and part of … Continue reading

The Ratchet Knows No Color

  In a time when any star can stay relevant by displaying their shamefully foolish lifestyle to the public, the Oxygen network plans on airing a new series called All My Babies’ Mamas, with Shawty Lo. To remind you, Shawty Lo is the drug dealer/rapper from Bankhead, Atlanta who released such hits as “Dey Know” … Continue reading

(Guest Post) The Console Color Barrier

**Our Guest Blog today comes from Charles Moody, a good friend of mine and the author/creator of The Grey Backpack, a very dope gaming and entertainment blog. Check it out and read his post on Black lead characters in video games. Enjoy** If I were to ask you how many video games feature a black character … Continue reading

Django Reviewed

  I swore to myself I wouldn’t do the popular Black blogger thing and opine here about Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Django Unchained, until I’d actually seen it. I wasn’t going to pull a Spike Lee and embarrass myself by making bold statements about a movie that I’d only read plot summaries of and strongly-worded … Continue reading

Life and Times: On Jay-Z

Birthdays aside, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. It first occurred to me that I wanted to write something about Jay-Z when I was watching the very last campaign event for Obama the day before the election in Ohio. Jay-Z opened for the POTUS in one of the coolest things I’ve … Continue reading

Honey Boo Boo Forever

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is the best show in the history of shows, ever. Better than The Wire. Better than Soul Train, which up until recently was my favorite show. It’s the finest thing anyone has ever committed to the silver screen and I watch it twice every damn time it comes on. What’s … Continue reading

Why Lupe Fiasco Needs to Chill

Lupe Fiasco, pictured in his video for "Bitch Bad"

Some time ago, I began to write a post about Lupe Fiasco in an attempt to make sense of his change in musical style/subject matter (which I don’t think has shifted much, but many seem to) through an analysis of his song, “Bitch Bad”, from his forthcoming album, “Food & Liquor 2: The Great American … Continue reading

Best. Trilogy. Ever.

This post has nothing to do with chicken. [I’ll give some of you time to navigate away]. This post has nothing to do with the complex interplay of racial relations in America. [*Counts to five with eyes closed* *Opens eyes and sees even more people now looking at Internet porn rather than blog post*] This … Continue reading

How Frank Ocean Impacts “Black” Music

To begin, this post isn’t primarily about Frank Ocean’s sexuality or what it means to the hip-hop/R&B genre, one that is famously rigid in gender roles and definitions of sexuality, but it is partially about that. Any nuanced discussion about Frank Ocean’s recent stellar release, “Channel Orange” and its place in music today must at … Continue reading