The Amazing Mr. Booker

At this point, the legend of Cory Booker is getting a bit far-fetched. This guy played D-1 Football at Stanford, studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, got his JD from Yale (where he set up legal clinics for poor Black folks and was a Big Brother), and at the age of 36 became the … Continue reading

TML~The Race Flag?

You ALL know that one guy who blames everything on white people and racism. That one person who screams “racist!” and gets belligerent every time they receive even the smallest slight. Well, this video shows us the solution. The “race flag.” Enjoy

TML~Yet Another Fried Chicken Commercial

I swear there are a billion of these ridiculous chicken commercials going around. They are eating that chicken like it’s about to fly away, damn. Note that we have to have an ENTIRE chicken category on our blog posts, by the way.


This video is priceless. White caller calling into C-SPAN angry because too many black folks are calling in. He even suggests they rename C-SPAN “Black-SPAN.” Look at this fellow’s face.That is the face of discomfort.  

TML~The Deadliest Snatch The Daily Show – Deadliest SnatchTags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook A Daily Show segment inspired by the recent ads dealing with black mothers and abortion. The part about the Timberlands near the end is hilarious. This is gold. **Edit** for whatever reason the video won’t play … Continue reading

TML~The Praise Break

Ahh…the praise break. I don’t like them, but I think they are also hilarious. The man running in that video had me weak. So weak. Namaste, my friends

Happy White History Year!

Black History Month, we hardly knew ye. Perhaps it’s because you’re the shortest month of the year. Perhaps it’s because some people purposefully “celebrate” it in the whole wrong month. Regardless, in our celebration of our rich history stuffed into an action-packed 28 days highlighted by McDonald’s commercials, Oscar snubs, and countless elementary school projects … Continue reading

TML~Rosa Parks?

These guys are hilarious. “Get up, move it lady…get to the back”

TML~Happy Black History Month!

No video, just the picture. Vaseline is also half off. Happy Black History Month!

TML-Black History So Far

This is accurate. All of Black History in 1 minute.