The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Little-Known Black History Facts

Website: Category: Humor/Black History Description: Yeah we all know that Obama is the first Black President and that Ralph Bunche was the first Black person to win a Nobel Prize (we do all know that, right?), but has anyone ever wondered who the first Black person was who stole TVs during the LA riots? … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: The Perfect Square

Website: Twitter: Category: Writing/Journalism/Music Description: In its own words: “The Perfect Square provides news, discussion and interactive social analysis born from the actual, lived, experiences of young, Black Americans. Our content is focused on a comprehensive approach to culture, entertainment, news, politics, and education.” Honestly, if you want to learn how to put … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Thickwitness

:::note: Yeah I’ve been loafing on the blogroll entries. Term paper+work deadlines. I’m trying to do three today so we can catch up.::: Website: Twitter: Category: Writing/Music/Arts Description: This blog is pretty difficult to describe here. It’s pretty eclectic in terms of source matter, but most of what I’ve seen evolves around universal Black … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Blake Von D

Website: Twitter: Category: Fashion/Entertainment Description: First off, let me start by saying this blog just looks fucking awesome. I’m gonna take some style elements, for real. This site is really a smorgasbord of all things popular culture. Music, entertainment, gossip, personal, but with a focus on fashion. Ladies, visit here and I’ll guarantee you’ll find something … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Exclusive Eats

Website: Twitter: Category: Food/Dining Description: A guide to a lot of the great trendy spots to eat for socialites and young professionals in Atlanta. Reviews great spots for young folks to eat around the area and has a lot of lesser known spots. Provides reviews for price points, service and “fabulosity” (it’s a very complex … Continue reading

We Want You: The Best Blogroll in the Universe

In case you haven’t noticed, our blogroll is pretty shitty. It’s that little anemic list of 5 sites that I visit often on the right side of the site. Granted they are amazing sites that you should go visit immediately, but we need more. We here at 40 Acres and a Cubicle want to keep … Continue reading