Thoughts: If Black America Were a Country?

If Black America were a country in itself, it would almost certainly look nothing like this. The effort of distilling the statistical plights of the loose entity known as American Blackness into a sweet and potent aperitif of easily digestible infographics is a worthwhile endeavor, especially as a way to show just how disparate our reality is … Continue reading

Genre and Culture in the Modern Golden Age of Television Pt. 1

A Grand Proclamation *Editors’s Note*: This post is the first of our regular entertainment posts from our new contributor nostoryboard. Check her out on twitter at @mashclash and enjoy this three-part exploration on the issues of culture, race, and gender in the science-fiction stories that are told on TV. Television is exploding in new programming, and … Continue reading

It’s Dark and Earth is Hot

Yes, this is a post on Climate Change, known less euphemistically as “Global Warming.” In case you’re wondering at this juncture why a post on climate change would show up within this blog’s (loose) nebula of topics, don’t worry: the hook is coming. But first I need to clear the air about the issue at … Continue reading

The Time Machine: Life as an Afrofuturist

“To be a Black activist is to be a futurist.” I wrote these words while penning a failed essay for a science fiction digest. I was trying to find a way to relate my personal love for science fiction and my Blackness. The essay was meant to be a literary gumbo of references to my … Continue reading

Speak Not In Mournful Numbers

It’s Black history month. You know what that means: elementary classrooms all across this nation of ours will be inculcating in the impressionable youth names like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Park, Marcus Garvey, and Thurgood Marshall. A diverse group of talented individuals that make up approximately 13% of the country will be reduced to … Continue reading

Signal Boost: The Black Twitter Theory

**My apologies, but this post requires a little bit of a detour through physics. It’s been a while since I slept through Professor Oyedeji ‘s intro class, so please let me know if I’m wrong, if something is missing, or if you can add something to the analogy that makes it better:   The amplitude … Continue reading

A Black Woman’s Take on “Dark Girls”

This post comes to us via the generous contribution of a personal friend of the blog, Nina Gloster.* Nina is a Black woman, Spelman College graduate, and filmmaker. I was very excited to hear about the documentary that would be appearing on OWN, a network dedicated to entertaining, informing and inspiring people. Watching the documentary, … Continue reading

The Legendary Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey

  Her’s a quick post to give you guys notice that there’s a new American Hero. His name is Charles Ramsey, and he is the man responsible for the rescue of three Ohio women, including Amanda Berry, who have been missing for at least 10 years. Also, there was a six year-old kid involved who … Continue reading

The Chicken Cliff

The greatest crisis of our time is upon us. This is a world which has survived multiple apocalypse scares and political crises in the past few months. The National Chicken Council has reported that there will be a chicken wing shortage caused by rising production costs which may lead to an increase in wing prices … Continue reading

Brothas in Space

In case you missed it, NASA landed a mobile laboratory the size of a Mini Cooper on the surface of Mars  on Sunday.  According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the Curiosity rover will be “searching for past or present life, studying the Martian climate, studying Martian geology, and collecting data for a future manned mission … Continue reading