Half a Mile From Heaven

Today’s #BlackExcellenceMonth post will be a special one. Since I know  everyone is all worked up over Valentine’s Day (Michelle O hasn’t yet responded to my request for her to be my Valentine that I put in in ’09 but it’s just a matter of time), I wanted to give you guys something special. One … Continue reading

Jesse Owens: Marvelous Colored American

Black Excellence is everywhere around us folks. It exists today, and it has existed in the past. Far too often, we forget just how tough it was for our Excellence to shine through in days-gone-by. For every star athlete you see swagging today, in reality TV and on ESPN, there were so many more that … Continue reading

Cold World

In celebration of Black Excellence Month, some of my crew and I went on a snowboarding trip to the location of a U.S. Civil War Union victory.  Of course it wasn’t advertised as such, the pamphlet just said The Smokey Mountains.   I was extremely excited to shred some fresh powder with my people, destroying stereotypes … Continue reading

TML-Black History So Far

This is accurate. All of Black History in 1 minute.

The Real Housewives of…Civil Rights?

Ehhh….I’m 50/50 on whether I love or hate this one. Filing it as today’s TML, but I’m not sure whether I laughed the whole time. Some parts are definitely hilarious though. Others…not as much. And yes, that is Wayne Brady as Martin Luther King Jr. Worth watching for that image alone.

28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Elaine Brown)

I know I’ve been loafing with these. More are coming, I promise. I’m just trying to take the time to do real research on these folks and the writing is a lot. Let’s get into it: This is our the first (of many) woman on our list, and Elaine makes it for damn good reason. … Continue reading

28 Black People That Make White People Uncomfortable (Deacons For Defense)

Today marks the start of Black History Month. The month where all the little kids do projects about MLK and Rosa Parks and learn about inventions and stuff. The month where it’s fine to bring your Obama or MLK coffee mug to work. The month where as a nation we celebrate idealized and sanitized images … Continue reading