40 Acres and a Cubicle

Writing is kind of like fishing in the middle of an ocean. When the fish are there, things go along, well…swimmingly. When the fish aren’t there, things quickly go to hell. You can go around and look for the fish, and certainly find some. But eventually the vastness of the ocean of your potential becomes … Continue reading

1 Year

Well we made it. 40 Acres and a Cubicle is now one year old. A hundred and change posts later, we’re still here and going strong. And it’s thanks to everyone who’s ever read one of our posts. We really thank you guys for supporting, and we hope for another year of humor and discussion. … Continue reading

Occupied!: A Banker’s Perspective

**Editor’s note: this is our first guest blog in our Occupied! series. This is from a good friend of mine, @ColdSkrilla, who is a Spelman alumna and is in investment banking in Chicago. This is a bit different perspective for us, and I think it offers a lot of balance to the conversation. Remember, if … Continue reading


Well, we made it to a pretty meaningful milestone yesterday. 25,000 views! The site has only been up for four months, so we thank you all for your support. Hope to keep you entertained with some great content on the way. We’re looking into making a few changes to the site. A few aesthetic tweaks … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Little-Known Black History Facts

Website: Category: Humor/Black History Description: Yeah we all know that Obama is the first Black President and that Ralph Bunche was the first Black person to win a Nobel Prize (we do all know that, right?), but has anyone ever wondered who the first Black person was who stole TVs during the LA riots? … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: The Perfect Square

Website: Twitter: Category: Writing/Journalism/Music Description: In its own words: “The Perfect Square provides news, discussion and interactive social analysis born from the actual, lived, experiences of young, Black Americans. Our content is focused on a comprehensive approach to culture, entertainment, news, politics, and education.” Honestly, if you want to learn how to put … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Thickwitness

:::note: Yeah I’ve been loafing on the blogroll entries. Term paper+work deadlines. I’m trying to do three today so we can catch up.::: Website: Twitter: Category: Writing/Music/Arts Description: This blog is pretty difficult to describe here. It’s pretty eclectic in terms of source matter, but most of what I’ve seen evolves around universal Black … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Blake Von D

Website: Twitter: Category: Fashion/Entertainment Description: First off, let me start by saying this blog just looks fucking awesome. I’m gonna take some style elements, for real. This site is really a smorgasbord of all things popular culture. Music, entertainment, gossip, personal, but with a focus on fashion. Ladies, visit here and I’ll guarantee you’ll find something … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Exclusive Eats

Website: Twitter: Category: Food/Dining Description: A guide to a lot of the great trendy spots to eat for socialites and young professionals in Atlanta. Reviews great spots for young folks to eat around the area and has a lot of lesser known spots. Provides reviews for price points, service and “fabulosity” (it’s a very complex … Continue reading

We Want You: The Best Blogroll in the Universe

In case you haven’t noticed, our blogroll is pretty shitty. It’s that little anemic list of 5 sites that I visit often on the right side of the site. Granted they are amazing sites that you should go visit immediately, but we need more. We here at 40 Acres and a Cubicle want to keep … Continue reading