The Chicken Cliff

The greatest crisis of our time is upon us. This is a world which has survived multiple apocalypse scares and political crises in the past few months. The National Chicken Council has reported that there will be a chicken wing shortage caused by rising production costs which may lead to an increase in wing prices … Continue reading

Hold Me Back

It’s been a full two weeks since the election and Republican commentators are still angry and shocked about losing to Obama in the general election. Although the racist tweets and media comments have largely subsided, Republicans by and large are absolutely shocked by their not winning the election by a landslide. Romney himself seemed blindsided … Continue reading

Black Ops

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Everyone in your office already knows you’re black (unless you go the Sammy Sosa route) and most likely they’ve already come up with stereotypes based on that. We know, we’ve talked about it here before. The sad part about it is that several of these stereotypes are … Continue reading

TML~Yet Another Fried Chicken Commercial

I swear there are a billion of these ridiculous chicken commercials going around. They are eating that chicken like it’s about to fly away, damn. Note that we have to have an ENTIRE chicken category on our blog posts, by the way.

The Potluck~An Office Survival Guide

Look, odds are if you work at an office or are in grad school you’ll be invited to some sort of potluck dinner (or lunch during the day). The invitation will tell you to bring a dish (or even what type of dish) and the people will tell you that the potluck is “kinda like … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (Just Add Chicken!)

Yep, this is another real commercial. I’m actually not sure if this one has racist undertones because it’s in Australia and I’m not sure fried chicken has the same stereotype, etc. etc, especially since I’ve been abroad and seen that KFC is almost like McDonald’s overseas. But still, watch it on mute and tell me … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (This Never Gets Old)

You ever seen this KFC commercial? Not sure if it fits the bill as “racist” because everyone is dancing, but look at how fucking happy that black guy is. Why’d they have to give HIM the two pieces of chicken? However, this post is not about that exact video. It’s about the remix Yes. Tell … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (Obama Fried Chicken?)

“Change for your mom.” I don’t even have a witty analysis. This is an official KFC China commercial. Just watch this shit.