Five Things You Should Know About Race in America

This guest post on the national environment in the wake of Michael Brown’s tragic death comes to us again from @SeeSenyour. Follow him and check this piece for ideas on how to get involved.   In the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy, my hometown of St. Louis is both literally and figuratively on fire. … Continue reading

Everything Has Changed & Nothing Has Changed

“When it comes to the economy, when it comes to inequality, when it comes to wealth, when it comes to the challenges that inner cities experience, [Martin Luther King, Jr.] would say that we have not made as much progress as the civil and social progress that we’ve made, and that it’s not enough just … Continue reading

Occupied!: The Curse of the 99

**From now until when we feel like stopping, we’ll be running quasi-daily posts on different perspectives about the Occupy Movement. This will include a mix of 40 Acres Authors and guest contributors.  If you want to contribute anything, an article, a poem, a picture, a story, or whatever, just hit us up at** Most … Continue reading

TML~Rosa Parks?

These guys are hilarious. “Get up, move it lady…get to the back”

The Real Housewives of…Civil Rights?

Ehhh….I’m 50/50 on whether I love or hate this one. Filing it as today’s TML, but I’m not sure whether I laughed the whole time. Some parts are definitely hilarious though. Others…not as much. And yes, that is Wayne Brady as Martin Luther King Jr. Worth watching for that image alone.

28 Black People That Make White People Uncomfortable (Deacons For Defense)

Today marks the start of Black History Month. The month where all the little kids do projects about MLK and Rosa Parks and learn about inventions and stuff. The month where it’s fine to bring your Obama or MLK coffee mug to work. The month where as a nation we celebrate idealized and sanitized images … Continue reading